six facts

The first video post here EVER! Excuse me not making sense and when I said "strongness" instead of "strength". I'm actually not stupid.


cheeburger cheeburger

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. with bags of gold, cheeseburgers and purple milkshakes that look gray on camera.

julie's outfit: nordstrom denim jacket, american apparel dress/skirt, black (sparkly) tights, minnetonka boots

my outfit: j.crew button-down, selfmade skirt, vintage belt, urban outfitters tights, steve madden boots


angry fish

After a delightful and non-agonizing 17 days of waiting for my fisheye film to be developed, I picked them up to find that 9 out of the 60 (Estimation. It was a LOT of pictures.) that I took were actually developed. I know that the first time isn't always perfect, but I'm allowed to be fuming. Anyways, here are a few of the 9 that I liked.

Have a great weekend everybody, an actual outfit post will come on Monday.



I saw this turquoise blazer one day shopping. I tried it on and for some reason, felt I should put it back. Why would I do that? I didn't understand either. That night, I felt pangs of regret. I kept thinking about it. It wouldn't leave my head. A few days later, I went back, knowing full well my treasure would probably be gone. But I spotted it from a mile away, as it was bright turquoise.

And now it is mine as I originally had hoped it would be!

[vintage blazer, american apparel liquid leggings, vintage shoes]



Happy new year everyone! Not sure how long its going to take me to get used to saying 2010...much weirder than 2009, 2008, etc.

I hadn't worn this blazer yet, which is weird, because I bought it about a month ago and was itching to wear it (it is wool, wool/itching joke, oh ha ha ha.) So I put it on. After I finished my photo preparation, I walked outside to take my pictures to notice the kind of rain that is so light that you can't see it, but still manages to get you and everything around you very very wet. I managed to escape with my camera undamaged and myself semi-dry.

(Don't mention that this picture is from another post)

[vintage blazer, hanes tank top, blank jeans, urban outfitters bracelets, vintage shoes]