reviving from the dead

It's back! And made over! I have to admit, after my extended hiatus I kind of forgot about Week's Worth of Outfits. But what I also forgot was how fun it was to make these. I hope you like it!

This outfit is simple, but so stylish. It starts with a staple Little White Dress and is stepped up with a bright green belt and metallic gladiators. I love this belt, everything about it. The sandals are perfect too, and can work with so much. 

This is one of my favorites this week- especially with the white jeans. I'm really starting to change my mind about them. The tunic is so pretty with all of it's vibrant color, and pairing it with stark white is a fabulous contrast. The metallic sneakers make it a bit more casual and tie in with the tunic colors. 

Usually I would never include a denim dress in WWOO, but ever since I saw Nicola Roberts and Alexa Chung in them on WhoWhatWear Daily, I saw how immediately cool they could be. I paired it with tall gladiators and tribal bangles. For some reason, I had a tribal feeling from the dress. 

This star t-shirt stood out to me the minute I saw it, and I'm not usually one to like graphic tees. But for some reason I love it! White denim is coming back, and I love it in this skirt from AA. Finish the outfit with these spectator oxford shoes.

A little bit hipster, a little bit ladylike describes this outfit nicely. I'm in love with this heart top from American Apparel- it's so simple but really unique at the same time. The faded denim is a nice change from the dark shades I've always worn. The flats are really what gives the outfit the ladylike feel. The pearl embellishments are so beautiful. 

I love the color palette for this outfit- bright but also a bit earthy. The green dress pops on a tan, and is a staple for the summer with the light fabric. Since the dress is so simple, you can pull off a statement necklace- this beaded one has an ethnic feel. Finally, belting the dress is a key trend. 

This is a perfect Sunday outfit- feminine and fresh. The floral Juicy Couture dress is so girly and could work for so many occasions. Adding the matte sequin flats gives it an elegant touch without getting too dressy, and the blue necklace is more pretty detail. 


I'll be out of town until July 5- so don't expect any posts until then. 


she knows resort

Diane von Furstenberg's resort collection astounded me. The best resort I've seen yet. She manages to make black look so summery and what resort is really sup
posed to be about. There was not an outfit in the collection that I didn't like. 

I loved Diane's use of gingham in the collection- it exudes summer and is newly sophisticated in the trenchcoat shape. 

This recurring triangle print really appealed to me. The print on the dress is so versatile- you can dress it up with a sharp blazer and heels, or make it casual with flats. 

I adore the bold stripes on these two jackets. The left jacket-and-jeans combination is such a summery look even in black and white.

I was so excited to see the trench dresses in the show- it is one of my favorite dress silhouettes. I love the khaki on the right. It is a classic look that is updated with a perfect fit and girly accents. 

The mini dress reigned before- now it's all about the maxi dress. It's perfect for summer, with it's light material and loose fit. I adore the third dress with the red and white print. 

We all are familiar with the floral trend for spring and summer, and DVF used it beautifully. All of these dresses are gorgeous. I love the light ruffles and the details that she used. 

Diane had a fifties influence, especially in her bathing suits. She used the maillot silhouette (first and third) and the high waisted suit (second). The patterns were so pretty and the colors are so vibrant. I love the accent jackets that were on the second and third suits.

Her pastel stripes made another appearance, like in the last spring collection, in the first shirt dress. The silk scarf-pattern dress is beautiful, it's perfect resortwear. 

First dress= gorgeous. 

I thought the closing look was genius. The dress itself is so pretty, but adding the "bon voyage" bids a goodbye both to the audience and possibly to the vacation that the resort woman is on.

See the whole collection here.




I have many things in my closet that I wear over and over and over. Without these staples, so many of my outfits wouldn't be complete. I cannot live without them. 

1. Cardigans
Of any kind at all. I have so many cardigans, but my never-fail is a black one. It can go over my dresses to make it a little more dressy, pulls together a t-shirt and jeans, and dresses up even the most casual shorts. I could never function properly without them.

2. Ballet Flats
Another thing that allows me to operate smoothly- ballet flats. They are so comfortable and I wear mine down until they are nothing but shreds. Mine mold to my feet and I feel more comfortable in ballet flats than tennis shoes. 

3. Basic t-shirts
This is a given for any closet, but I still felt like I should include it. Everyone needs cotton t-shirts in black, white, and gray in their closets. They are just a blank canvas for anything that you want to create. They work with anything and are fantastic layering pieces. 

4. Flat sandals
I mentioned this a few posts back, but I adore my Bernardo studded sandals. They are perfect for summer and are so versatile. They work with everything in my closet to dress it down.

5. A variety of dresses
Dresses hardly ever look un-put-together, and I love dainty, feminine dresses. Dresses are so simple to wear, you just throw it on and look great. 

6. Black skinny jeans
Last year, my black Uniqlo skinny jeans were all I wore. They look sleek and streamlined, and you can experiment with them so many different ways to give it a new look. I love them.  

7. Dark denim shorts
I'm slightly embarrassed because I have worn my denim shorts SO MUCH this summer. They have sucked all the creativity out of me because they are all I want to wear. I'm wearing them right now. But the great thing about them is that they don't have to look boring. You can easily make them so much more fashionable with color and accessories. 

8. Basics in bright colors
It's important to have your basics in white, black, and gray, but it's always fun to step up an outfit with a bright color. I love my tank tops in bright green, yellow, and orange, and they always make an outfit brighter and more interesting than a neutral. 

9. Assorted jewelry
They really make or break an outfit. Try big cocktail rings, bohemian bangles, or long necklaces to add interest or color to an outfit. 

10. Black opaque tights
Another given. Everyone needs a pair of opaque black tights- really opaque. They look great with anything and really make an outfit more elegant. 


embroidered with beige

I came across this Temperley dress on Net-a-Porter and nearly passed out. I think this is absolutely adorable. The dusty pink color, the cream-colored embroidery, and the ruffles all make a gorgeous and romantic piece. I love the twenties influence and the slight flapper feel. I would love to see this with black tights and Mary Jane heels. This could also work as a summer dress, with bare legs and flat sandals. 



mass production

To start this post off, I should say that I have been an enormous fan of The Virgins ever since I heard them on Gossip Girl. I loved every part of them- the raw sound, the clever lyrics, and the can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head beat. So when I heard their new CD was coming out in addition to their EP, I was THRILLED. When the last few days of my countdown approached and June 3 was finally here, I raced to iTunes and bought every song that I didn’t already have from the EP. The album’s songs are:

1) She’s Expensive
2) One Week of Danger (EP)
3) Rich Girls (EP)
4) Teen Lovers
5) Fernando Pando (EP)
6) Murder
7) Hey Hey Girl
8) Private Affair
9) Radio Christiane (EP)
10) Love is Colder Than Death (EP)
11) Fast Times

All of the songs on the EP are incredible. After I bought all of them, they rushed up to the top of my Most Played list. They were on repeat all the time, I lived for The Virgins. So you could see how I was expecting a lot from their new album. I listened to the 30 second preview of the EP songs to see if they had kept the same songs from the EP. They totally hadn’t. All of the sounds were completely changed, even some of the lyrics were. It was infuriating. The songs before were perfect- they had a unique, rough sound that stood apart from everyone else. When I listened to the new ones, my mouth just dropped. For any Virgins fan, yours will too, if it hasn’t already. It’s unreal. I don’t know why they thought they needed to change these perfect songs so they could sound like every other overproduced band.

Now as for the other songs, it’s different from what their usual style is, and I’m not sure if that’s a compliment. She’s Expensive, Teen Lovers, Murder, Hey Hey Girl, Private Affair, and Fast Times are the new songs.

She’s Expensive- This is probably my least favorite song out of the album. I feel like they were just relying on obscenity to make this a funny song, not really putting much thought into the actual lyrics or sound.

Teen Lovers- I like the little disco addition to it in the beginning. This song sounds different from what their previous sound was, but I think I like it. It’s growing on me.

Murder- It’s forgettable.

Hey Hey Girl- This one I love. I’ve been singing it all day. It’s a perfect summer song and really easy to listen to.

Private Affair- Again, a great one. This really reminds me of their old stuff. I love it. Catchy and addictive.

Fast Times- Makes you want to dance! I love the fast beat and it makes me smile!

Overall, good job to the Virgins...

You should have kept your old songs.

Edit: After listening to this over and over, I love the whole album except for She's Expensive...



woman of the jungle

Tribal inspired jewelry and accessories are huge for summer. Earthy colors like gold, brown, and beige paired with shapes like horns and leaves, make a big statement. Designers like Kenneth Jay Lane, Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney, and Matthew Williamson are all jumping on the trend. Here are a few of my favorites, all from Net-a-Porter:

Kenneth Jay Lane

This set of bangles are the perfect blend of upscale elegance meets an ethnic influence. They are so versatile and can be worn with your summer dresses, jeans, or shorts.
I adore these. The colors are so bright and you can mix and match all the colors. You could wear the orange and blue for a unexpected combination, or the yellow and black for a simpler one. The possibilities are endless.


I love this hammered coin necklace. It's both a Grecian-inspired look with a tribal feel as well. It adds elegance to anything, be it a gown or a t-shirt and shorts.


This Cabochon bangle is also a great choice for summer. The orange color is really versatile and can work in the daytime or evening. It looks great alone or with other bracelets and can go with so many summer trends.

Juicy Couture


The lightweight scarf is a staple for summer 2008, and this one is fabulous. Scarves have so many possibilities and can completely change your look just by the way you tie it. You can use this as a head scarf a la Nicole Richie 2005, tie it around your neck for a chic Parisian girl feel, really anything you want. I love the ethnic pattern on this one, with the girlie light blue added.

Roberto Cavalli


This horn pendant is the epitome of tribal jewelry. It looks gorgeous with other pieces that fit into the tribal trend, like billowy tops in ethnic patterns.


And a gold version...


This cocktail ring is so pretty. It has a vintage and tribal feel to it, in a way. The purple stone is gorgeous and this ring would go with any outfit.


The leopard ring is another ring that I am attracted to. I'm not usually one to love leopard, but this modern interpretation of it is so stylish.



These two coiled serpent bangles are edgy and have such a chic ethnic influence to them. The detail on these are incredible. It's so glamorous.

Stella McCartney:


This gold leaf necklace is another vintage-tribal look. The statement necklace is a fabulous piece, and this one is a bit more subtle version of it.


I love this beaded necklace. It looks like a perfect replica of the necklaces that African women hand-make, and the adjustable silk fastening makes it more upscale.

Matthew Williamson


I'm in love with this bangle. The colors are so beautiful and rich, but the print is really what makes it. This would complete any tribal-inspired outfit.

Zoe & Morgan


This mix of color and shapes really makes me love this necklace. It works with any outfit, whether it be ethnic inspired or not. I love it!



This has a tribal feel when you first look at it, but if you see closely, it has tiny gems lining it, which gives it a more modern look. This would look fabulous with a little black dress to give it more pop.



rest in peace

Yves Saint Laurent has passed away, I have sadly learned. He battled brain cancer for a year and he will be missed.