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The last Feathers item, this 60's ruffley terrific pockety dress that I LOVE. I love it with the white tights, and I love the white tights with the red shoes. And who doesn't like wearing a bib on their dress?

vintage dress
american apparel tights
vintage shoes



I loved going out today and seeing how many people were mesmerized at the amount of sequins that could possibly be fit on this shirt. It was mostly small girls, whose eyes would literally not move off their chosen section of sparkly reflections. It was very funny to watch. This was another item from Feathers- I absolutely love it. Nothing much more to say.

vintage shirt
gap cutoff jeans
dad's belt
vintage shoes

P.S. Sorry for the fact that I haven't posted in 4 days.


keeping things weird

I feel kind of pathetic because I feel like all I talk about on this blog is the weather. It's really really hot. But it was actually even hotter in Austin, where I was last week. It was dreadful. The heat, I mean. Austin itself is terrific. Especially the greatest place on earth, Disneyland Feathers Vintage. So good. I bought three things, one of which is this red gingham romper. The others will be showcased later on...

vintage romper
fruit of the loom tank top
sister's vintage belt
vintage shoes

And some pictures from Austin..


and it was all yellow

I don't know why I love this outfit so much, I think it's just the color yellow. I really really like yellow. I don't much like the word- yelllooww. But the color just perks a person up.

marimekko top
alternative apparel t-shirt
dad's belt
american apparel lame leggings
vintage heels

And would you like to see this eerie War of the Worlds cloud that fascinated me too much?



So much fun I'm having trying out all these different shoes. These green ones are wicked. I wore this a few days ago, but only photographed it a few days ago. I'm bad at this. I cannot believe it's August already. Oy vey.

martin+osa button down
american apparel circle vest
vintage belt
vintage skirt