all the girls played mental games and all the guys were dressed the same

It's certainly been a while since I've been acquainted with my good friend The Obnoxious Shoulder-Padded Turquoise Blazer. It is and has always been friendly and loyal to me, but I would like very much to expand upon my fall/winter jacket collection; it has been heavily lacking sufficient shoulder pads and sequins lately. You can just call me 15 year old Suze Orman, I love me some weird jackets.

vintage blazer, mom's scarf, marc by marc jacobs skirt-as-dress, american apparel tights, vintage shoes

(I'll Try Anything Once: Julian Casablancas/The Strokes)


molded, folded, pasted & cut

The highlight of my entire week would be best summed up in a small cyber-performance. I wasn't quite sure who I should tell, so I decided the entirety of the Internet would suffice.

Girl enters restaurant, picks up menu. She sees nothing except for two single words- Nutella mousse. Nothing else matters in the world. She must have it. And eventually, she does. She doesn't even know what else was in it besides whipped Nutella and a delightful caramel bottom, but OH MY GOD. It is the most magical meal to grace her life as of yet.

simply vera for kohl's cardigan, vintage top (yellow), joie top, vintage belt, vintage skirt, vintage shoes

I've also just discovered the most beautiful YouTube channel featuring what looks to be every single Lizzie McGuire episode ever. I'm over the moon.

(Can't: Tom Milsom)


fate, my friend, you say the strangest things

I enjoy this color combination. I like red and white and a little black...and I can actually wear black now! Because it's SEVENTY-FOUR DEGREES! I'm aware I talk about weather too much, I'm also aware I kind of go on a cycle- weather, Harry Potter, I-have-nothing-to-write, weather, Harry Potter, etc, etc, etc. God, I make myself cringe.

anthropologie cardigan, anna sui skirt-as-top, dad's belt, american apparel liquid leggings, vintage shoes

(Someday: The Strokes)


tiers up to the moon

I cannot think of words to fill this box, so I revert to my old tactic of likes and dislikes. Likes: baking, Bellatrix Lestrange, the word "betwixt", Post-it notes, cheesecake, drawings of feathers, Rupert Grint, cream soda, floral print, and anything that comes out of Albus Dumbledore's mouth. Dislikes: country music, rap music, loud music, bananas, Cho Chang, Six Flags, cigarettes, corn off the cob (not sure what it is, I quite like it on the cob), cats, flip-flops, and Cormac McLaggen and his agility.

silence+noise jacket, sister's vintage shirt, vintage skirt, vintage shoes

I was told to say hello to my friend Bob Saget. She knows who she is.

(Holding On: Alex Day)


a million and one thousand things

My month-long hiatus was not really intentional. I tried to think of a new blog name for about 2 weeks straight, then that endeavor fizzled out (for now. I'm still driving myself insane trying to think of one), and then I formed the idea, purely excusing my laziness, that I couldn't post until I found a new name. I didn't find a name for a month, school started and began to beat me up, and here I am! But really though, once I get the most magnificent new blog name, I'm planning on expanding my content a little bit so I can post more. If I have any more readers left, I am asking for any suggestions for names, or even amusing words, which I've been collecting in a tiny notebook for a month now.

I talk so much.

vintage jacket, jcrew shirt, vintage belt, sister's american apparel skirt, vintage norma kamali shoes

(Holding On: Alex Day)


im getting over my spattergroit

My only excuses for not posting in about two and a half years- it's TOO HOT TO THINK. It's too hot to wear anything interesting, too hot to even step foot outside for fear of melting to a puddle, too hot to do much at all. On the rare occasions I do make it out in the public, everyone drags themselves along looking simply miserable. It's been 106 degrees for the past three weeks. To top off the wretched heat, in the weeks since I've posted last, I've experienced my first cavity (done with extremely mild anesthesia, loved that), and completed my excruciatingly dull office job, in which I successfully scanned 743 school records in two months.

marc by marc jacobs vest, selfmade skirt-as-top, vintage belt, american apparel skirt, vintage shoes

P.S. I think I'm seriously considering changing the name (and hopefully the URL if that's not too difficult for the people who have linked me) of my blog. It's getting to be too much for me to handle. I still don't have the foggiest idea as to what I want it to be called, so ideas can be welcomed.

P.P.S. Exactly 100 days until Deathly Hallows Part 1. Eeeeeee!


what was mistaken for closeness was just a case of mitosis

The unusual concept of wearing two belts at once came to me a few weeks ago as I debated on which belt I should wear that day. As many may know, I rarely go without a belt (they are debatably my favorite [I hate the word "accessory", but yeah, accessory]), so I concluded today that two belts could hardly be a bad idea. I actually quite like the look of it.

vintage dress, vintage shirt, vintage belts, vintage shoes (I haven't a smidgen of variety in my life), anthropologie headband

(Imitosis: Andrew Bird)


she killed it with kisses and from it she fled

This pair of shorts marks the one piece of sequinwear that I had not worn yet. I had worn my fair share of tops, skirts, jackets, belts, and shoes. Never a nice classic pair of black sequin tap pants! They, surprisingly, go with more than you would think. We're going to Austin this week, the prime place to attempt to find more of anything emblazoned with sequins. Wish me luck.

jcrew top, american apparel belt (sister's), vintage shorts (sister's), vintage shoes

(Dog Days are Over: Florence & the Machine)


louder than sirens, louder than bells

The eye- now healed and ready for sun exposure. It's only an unfortunate coincidence that there are no faces being shown today. My healing process: reading Harry Potter after Harry Potter and watching Harry Potter movie after Harry Potter movie. It's very nice to be able to go outside with my eye feeling good, but sometimes it confuses me when I find I'm not inside the Forbidden Forest or the Quidditch World Cup stadium.

roberta roller rabbit dress, vintage belt, vintage shoes

(Drumming Song: Florence & the Machine)


just don't let the human factor fail to be a factor at all

Grungy old me, wearing not one, not two, but three different pieces of denim and surprisingly enjoying it. I wish I could say my eye was better and that I took these pictures today, feeling spry and nimble, but you know, I can't...because I have one working eye. What's making me feel even better? There's no cure and it could be another week before it's healed! (Did I mention I have an eye patch? The Flying Dutchman, Scurvy, and Blackjack are just a few of my pirate nicknames around my house.)

denim shirt, lux denim vest, levi's denim shorts, vintage shoes

(Tables and Chairs: Andrew Bird)

life is too long to be a whale in a cubicle

I am headless today because of a crazy little eye problem I have going on, resulting in a severe lazy eye and tearing. It wasn't my finest hour. I do really like this outfit though, which photographed really poorly. Red and white is a favorite color combination of mine, and this outfit is nothing but that. Again, I'm trying out the pants thing. It's still a work in progress. Also, I would like to celebrate the fact that this is my 300th post!

selfmade skirts-as-tops, vintage belt, gap jeans, vintage shoes

(Plasticities: Andrew Bird)


all the calcified arhythmatists were doing the math

This post has been marinating without any words on it for about 3 and a half hours, so I'm at a loss for what to write. Here are a few things that I like: amusing gifts (a remarkable specialty of my friend Natalie), nail polish- lots and lots of nail polish, all kinds of belts, cereal, red hair, yearbooks (I don't know what it is, I just really like them), sequins, meatball sandwiches, and Jim Halpert. Here are a few things that I do not like: hot dog ends, answering my phone, organized sports, retainers, mosquitoes, tennis shoes, and the fact that when I was 10 I thought it was a good idea to self-cut my bangs to half a centimeter long. (Needless to say, I looked goooood.)

jcrew shirt, dad's belt, levi's denim shorts, vintage shoes

Unrelated words for relevant pictures!

(Oh No: Andrew Bird)