do you?

I felt like sharing my favorite poem tonight.


i just want you to know that you're very special...and the only reason i'm telling you is that i don't know if anyone else ever has

I hope this counts, Charlie.

It's really something else to fall in love with a fictional character, huh? What Charlie's taught me about introversion, beauty in silly little things, and the wonders of inherent kindness could fill a book.

(But I suppose it already has.)


go boldly and honestly through the world

Today's post is in honor of DanRad, who finished his last performance of How to Succeed on Broadway today and I'm very proud of him and the pictures of him making his speech at the end made me cry. So here's pretty Dan with eyes that pierce your soul.

On occasion, I like driving around to only write down snippets of things I see. They aren't things extreme or particularly radical, but I like to see it as a little moment in time. It's an interesting exercise, I think. These are snippets from November.

1. nine black birds perched equidistant on a sharp line of telephone wire

2. a deserted playground, because it's the anti-playground weather wintry-bitter air and a trickle of November rain

3. shakily arranged Christmas lights on the angles of a roof

4. blue & red sodium lights of a pharmacy flickering weakly into feeble, frozen air

5. little boy riding his bicycle dressed in his Sunday church clothes, pedaling furiously in a vest and bowtie

6. Borders bookshop, dead.

7. leafless branches of dead trees, spiked sixty different ways to formulate a wooden cobweba lattice weave of black twig against grey sky

8. faulty gas-station parking jobs

(More Dan to break the post up, you know....)

Try it.

(title is one of my favorite Radcliffe quotes. Can someone tell me what the hell this post is? Just Daniel Radcliffe musings and a lot of unrelated words? Alright, got it.)