runwaylicious edition ii

Okay. First of all, highlight of the entire episode- Tim Gunn. "Holler Atcher Boy". I died. So funny. Anyways, I loved the challenge. I always love when they give them a camera and go let them explore New York. Especially at night, I thought it was really cool. The challenge was to make an outfit for a night on the town inspired by New York at night. 


Like Stella last week, I don't see why the judges were so amazed. The top/dress was shapeless and was really nothing but a long sleeved dress in a bold fabric. Putting it over pants doesn't help. I didn't like it, maybe it's just me..


A sad downfall from last week. This looked so cheap to me, like a Southpole ad or something. The studs, the gold chain belt, they don't complement each other at all.


"Leathuh, leathuh, leathuh. I'm gonna use leathuh on awl of my gaw-ments! I'm makin' a leathuh vest an' a pay-uh of leathuh pants. I'm rawk n' roll. That's what I'm abawt." Okay. I'm being harsh. It wasn't that bad. But really, lay off on the leather. Nobody can wear leather pants.


 This was so perfectly made, it looked like it just got off a rack at Bergdorf's, not hand-sewn in 24 hours. I mean, look at that skirt. Leanne translated her inspiration perfectly through this top and skirt (NOT A DRESS! I couldn't believe it.)


I can imagine how hard it is to make a jumpsuit look flattering, but Korto did it. It was just a bit too simple for my taste, but I respect the work that went into it. It looks great. 


I love Kenley so much! All of her designs are adorable and she has a huge amount of talent. When I first saw her fabric choices, I was skeptical, but she made it look perfect! It fits like a glove and I am so excited to see what Kenley does in the future. 


I am not exactly sure what to say...


Keith had a good idea when he was putting his inspiration into a garment- use shredded fabrics to convey a worn and torn magazine laying on the streets. But as the judges said, it was all about the white fabric and the fit (or lack thereof). It completely messes up the dress. If only he had used a different color and fitted it well (or even just thrown a belt on), he might have done better. 


Much better than last week. His inspiration was a bit obvious with the lines on the bodice, but it's a pretty dress nonetheless.


My, my. Does olive green really look good on anyone? Especially a metallic. This dress confused me.. and why did he do a gown? Most nights out on the town don't involve evening dresses. 


The fit made the model look huge! The hem was messy and unfinished and the whole design was old and unflattering. 


No more Emily! I'm so sad...but I'm sorry to say she deserved to go. Listen to Tim- moral of this story. Do what Tim says. He knows what's good for you. 


I like it, but it seems so familiar. I can't place it, but it's the mixture of the black and gold and the twisted bodice. A little voice in the back of my head says Proenza Schouler, but I'll check style.com to be sure. :]


I liked this one a lot, I just wish there were no sleeves. I love the rainbow swoosh that goes down to the bottom, I thought that was really creative. Blayne had his signature thing going on here , but he toned it down a bit so it was actually wearable. 



happy happy joy joy

I have happily learned that Target is now doing makeup collaborations with Jemma Kidd, Napoleon Perdis, and Pixi by Petra. I am sooooo excited. It's about time, right? I love Jemma's line, but it's always been so expensive. It's nuts. I had a $50 Neiman's gift card once and all I could buy with it was a JK blush compact. It's been worth it, though. Okay, enough of my stories. Finally! I was first introduced to Napoleon Perdis by Amy from Ask Me Makeup on YouTube (check her out here, she's awesome) and since it's an Australian brand, I could never get it here, but I've heard great things about it. Pixi? Haven't heard of it, but it's sure to be beautiful!


Source: nylonmag.com

runwaylicious edition ii

The new season of Project Runway is growing on me. It's always hard for me to get used to the new designers, but I'm liking this season quicker. When Heidi announced the challenge, I was thinking that the challenges were pretty lame so far. I mean, they reused a challenge from the first season, and now just design a cocktail dress? Of course, that was before I found out the details. First of all, the models had to shop for the fabric. I nearly went into convulsions when I heard that, I can't imagine how the DESIGNERS must have felt. The models always seem to know nothing about fashion, they just wear it, and have horrible taste. The season 1 wedding dress episode could have thrust this thought into my head...anyways. And if that wasn't enough, they had to use all green (as in environmentally friendly) fabrics. Oh God.Everyone chose a cream/champagne colored satin and a heinous brown satin. Everyone had to learn how to make their garment different from everyone's even when they could look exactly alike. 

Onto the outfits-


Ouch. This was just a painful dress to watch go down the runway. It was cheap, tacky, horribly made...it's a shame, because Wesley was just the cutest thing. 


I loved this. Navy was a great color choice, very elegant, and the ruffles were so sophisticated. It's a conservative dress, but the V-neck makes it a little bit provocative. The belt really makes it, it would probably look too simple without it. 


Just like the judges, I loved this dress. You can really see the work that went into it, and it's a fun, flirty, whimsical cocktail dress. Although his constant use of Suede in the third person still and always will irk me. 


I really don't see why the judges loved this so much. I mean, it's really nothing special, if even pretty at all. I, like Natalie Portman, am not really a fan of the one-sleeved look. And I hate Stella. Sorry. I do.


I can sort of see where Leanne was going with her circle idea, it just wasn't executed well at all. She could have made it look good, but the fabric just kills the idea.


Same thing here- good idea, bad execution. I love the exposed seam idea, but the mustard yellow and the wings at the sides do nothing for it. This could have been really cool, but it's all in the fabric choice, as you can see...


Love it, love it, love it. It's classy and ladylike and just gorgeous. 


Gross. It looks like something out of Paris Hilton's line that I discussed here a long, long time ago...


Oh Jerell...I love you. I love you and your V-neck t-shirts baring your hairless, shiny chest. And I would love this dress, if only you would hack off those god-awful peacock feathers at the hem...


I am obsessed with Emily. She has the best personal style so far and I love watching her. This dress is adorable, even if it is a tad short. I wish they showed the back though, that's what drew me in. 


The title of this post is an homage to Blayne and his licious fetish. I don't care if it's already old by the second episode, I laugh every time he says it. This dress? Cute, nothing we haven't seen before. Hmm. But it's Blayne. Therefore, I love the dress.


I really, really liked Daniel's. It was simple but so beautiful. But it does not photograph well, it looked so much better on the runway. 



pink stain

This is my first beauty review on TTC and I have to say, I'm pretty excited. I have been buying a ridiculous amount of makeup lately, but I love all of it. These are some of my favorite recent purchases.

Benefit's Posietint

The follow-up to Benefit's Benetint, Posietint is a softer, petal-pink color that's a little different than Benetint's red color. Posietint is a lip and cheek stain that gives a perfectly natural, pinched cheek look that is wearable for every day. I love this product. It's so simple to use and I love how it works double-duty. 

Buy it: Sephora, $28

Benefit's Sketching Pencils Eyes

Say hello to my new favorite eyeliner, Sketching Pencils by Benefit. I never liked to smudge eyeliner with a Q-tip, I didn't think it got anything done. This has a built-in smudger on the end that I love. The eyeliner glides on perfectly and feels so smooth. It stays on all day and never looks overdone. 

Buy it: Sephora, $18

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer

I hate wearing foundation in the summer, especially in blazing heat. It just seems to run too much and irritates me. Instead I use tinted moisturizer. It gives the same effect as foundation but is so much more lightweight and never runs. I use the Medium shade and it blends in perfectly. This never looks cakey and just gives a very natural look. 

Buy it: kiehls.com, $24.50

Well, that was fun! This might become a regular feature! Only time will tell...



I was thrilled to learn that I have gotten the Brilliante Weblog Award from KiKi of the awesome Dress Forms Pins and Needles.

The rules are...

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Thank you again Kiki!



the shoe that kills

It was a decent outfit. Not groundbreaking, not horrifically ugly. A Mexican embroidered cami, white denim shorts. All ruined by a pair of shoes. 
Satan on your feet. In Mary Jane form. 

Don't do it.



weeks worth of outfits

Back at home. Yes, I usually hate having 2 Week's Worth of Outfits in a row, but I rediscovered Polyvore the other day and it's so much easier that it's definitely my new medium. I had an account before but had no idea how to use it, I'm still learning, so the collages will be getting better. If anyone knows how to put text on the collages, could you let me know? Anyway, enough of my rambling-


The first day is pretty relaxed, but with a kick- the bright blue Louboutins. The blazer is a huge trend and always looks put together, but can easily be dressed down. With faded denim, a simple t-shirt, a ladylike frame bag, and a gingham scarf, it's a perfect mix of downtown and uptown. 

Blazer- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Shorts- Citizens of Humanity, T-shirt- Helmut Lang, Scarf- Burberry, Bag- Miu Miu, Shoes- Christian Louboutin


I adore this look. An ethnic dress paired with slick uptown accessories. The dress has a fabulous pattern that is so versatile and on-trend. The double belt is so glamorous but works perfectly with the laidback dress. The bracelets tie in with the tribal feel and the yellow shoes add a pop of color. 

Dress- Topshop, Belt- Burberry, Bracelets- Roberto Cavalli, Sunglasses- Dolce & Gabbana, Shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti


Another favorite, this one is a bit quirkier. I am in love with the top and all of it's detail and color- it works with either casual jeans or a dressier skirt like this one. Speaking of skirts, this one is adorable. I love how girly and sugar-plum-fairylike it feels. Heels like these are practical because of the chunky heel. It's walkable but still totally stylish. 

Top- Mayle, Skirt- Camilla and Marc, Bracelet- Roberto Cavalli, Shoes- Derek Lam


These white skinny jeans act as a completely blank canvas, and I used it for very muted, soft colors that are perfect for summer. The blue top is dainty and so feminine, and can work well in winter with some layers. The bracelet is so cool, I love the in-between silver and gold color. 

Top- Anthropologie, Jeans- Topshop, Bracelet- Roberto Cavalli, Shoes- Stella McCartney


A simple, summery outfit. This dress is so feminine and the eyelet is what really stands out. This dress' detail almost works as an accessory, so you don't really need much jewelry. I chose a straw fedora- I've really been liking them lately. I love the way it looks with the blue. Some simple white flats and you're ready.

Dress- Catherine Malandrino, Hat- Topshop, Shoes- Topshop


My denim shorts addiction continues- this bright blue pair is great. I immediately fell for this t-shirt. It's so cute in such a simple way. A lightweight camel cardigan matches the orange and a bright yellow bag stands out. 

Shirt- Sass and Bide, Shorts- Notify, Cardigan- Little Joe, Bag- Pauric Sweeney, Shoes- Topshop


This is the one I would most likely wear. I'm obsessed with all of the patterns here. It's a lot, but it all ties in with the color and the simplicity of the shoes. The floral dress is so cute and can transition smoothly into the cooler months. A light scarf in a fabulous purple pattern, a blue fedora, and simple brown sandals complete the outfit. 

Dress- Topshop, Scarf- Topshop, Hat- Topshop, Shoes- Anthropologie

And just an outfit I threw together that didn't make the cut into WWOO :]