belt talk

I got a new belt. And this one actually has a hole for me to buckle it through. No more looping and twisting my belt throughout the day, no more my-belt-is-spontaneously-falling-off, the belt situation is great right now. How are everyone else's belt situations?

[gap button-down, pitaya cardigan, vintage belt, selfmade skirt, black tights, vintage shoes]

P.S. I got a fisheye camera for Hanukkah Chanukah Hanuka Channuka Chanuka Hanukah Hannukkah Chanukka Channuka Hannuka and I just dropped my first roll of film in to develop. I can't WAIT to see/show. Anticipate it!



I feel like citrus personified wearing this. But truthfully, I never actually wore this out. It's getting too cold for me to think creatively. It's about 55-60 degrees, but my tights are all ripped and I have no coats. What am I to do?

Suffer in the cold.

[vintage sweater, gap button-down, selfmade skirt, american apparel tights, vintage shoes]


an idea to the makers of all clothing

Why don't they put sequins on everything? Why are they not a prerequisite of clothing? My sister got this sweater/top at a recent trip 'cross the state to Feathers Vintage, and I wish it was mine. She's really mad that I'm wearing it here.

gap button-down, vintage top, american apparel liquid leggings, vintage norma kamali shoes


he's fantastic

Pastels are not friends with the camera. I learned this while I tried to photograph this outfit today. It just really doesn't work. I'm completely back into my skirt phase after I made this floral Liberty of London one as well as two other new ones during the break. Anyways, I wore this to see Fantastic Mr. Fox the other day (which is A++++, get off my blog and go see it right now)

[urban renewal blazer, kimchi+blue lace top, selfmade skirt, vintage belt, black tights, vintage shoes]

P.S. Sorry for the twice-as-many-pictures-as-usual, I was really frustrated with the idea of pastels.


these shoes can't be worn enough

Can it be? A new skirt? Indeed, after a year of no new skirts (the horror), I found the time and energy to make another one, this time in the greatest pattern yet. I can't get enough of the blue with the red dots. Expect much more to come, and much more monotony of my outfits. Whatever, I haven't gotten sick of them yet.

[silence&noise jacket, martin+osa tank top, selfmade skirt, vintage belt, vintage shoes]


and some of it was yellow

I picked up this sweater and skirt at Parkerhawn Vintage's moving sale for a combined price of $6 last week. The sweater is both the itchiest and cutest sweater I have ever owned, and the little green velvet skirt makes me look like a Christmas elf in the greatest way possible.


[vintage sweater, martin+osa button-down, vintage skirt, black tights, vintage shoes]

Title stemmed from a sort of sequel to this post


we love you conrad

I love musicals. Ever since I was a tiny little small person I've loved musicals. My mother drilled show tunes into our tiny minds until we dreamed lyrics to Annie. For years, I was convinced that there were piles of men gambling in the gutters because of Guys and Dolls. This outfit is what I wore to a production of Bye Bye Birdie performed by a crapload of eighth graders.

[vintage dress, urban outfitters blazer, black tights, vintage shoes]


airplane air album alphabet apple arm

This is a fantastic outfit for gorging yourself silly. The dress is nice and loose, while the belt both cinches the said looseness and is also made of stretchy things, which helps when you're eating pounds of mocha almond toffee and chocolate truffles and your stomach is more than likely expanding. The friggin' adorable shoes also distract the people around you from seeing how many tiny pieces of bread you have snuck and are still sneaking.

True story, all of it. I blame the caterers, not myself.

vintage dress
american apparel vest
silence&noise jacket (secondhand from cousin)
vintage belt
black tights
vintage norma kamali shoes

P.S. Title is (if you haven't guessed already) a bunch of "a" words. Because I'm lazy and unoriginal.


sparkly trails

I picked up this vintage sequined pencil skirt for $5 a few weeks ago and I wish I could wear it everywhere. I would wear it grocery shopping and doing laundry and while sleeping. I leave a Hansel-and-Gretel-y trail of sequins wherever I walk, but I don't think that's a problem. It could be worse.

vintage skirt
local store cardigan
hanes tank top
vintage shoes


my screenplay


(A frustrated blogger, named Blogger, bids on a dress during her first encounter with eBay. A mysterious fellow bidder who we will call Girl-I-Hate is out to get the blogger.)

Blogger checks back on eBay a few days later, only to find that her dress has been outbid by Girl-I-Hate. Blogger will not stand for this. Promptly, she adds a dollar to the bid and exits the browser with pride.

On the final day of the auction, Blogger looks back on eBay to find Girl-I-Hate is at it again, as desperate for this dress as she is. Three hours left to the auction, Blogger outbids Girl-I-Hate, but as she confirms her bid, she sees that Girl-I-Hate outbid her in a mere few seconds. The process continues, a vicious battle between 2 internet anonymouses.

Blogger's heart speeds up as a few minutes are left until the end of the auction. Her family gathers around her, cheering her on and giving her the confidence to beat Girl-I-Hate.

Blogger sneakily finds the quick-bid button, sure that Girl-I-Hate is too dumb to figure that one out. Blogger was right.

Seconds tick by, Blogger still outbidding Girl-I-Hate. What will the outcome be?

4, 3, 2 seconds left. Blogger's heart is exploding out of her head.

But it left her with this beautiful dress.

dress from liebemarlene vintage

And to Girl-I-Hate: I don't really hate you. I was just really mad at you.


cake and presents cake and presents cake and presents

Some pictures to fill up this pathetic blog until I get an outfit post up tomorrow (I swear.) From Yom Kippur and my sister's birthday party yesterday, featuring the cutest jelly bean cake in the world that I couldn't stop looking at.

See you guys tomorrow. Really.