little cakes on doilies

It was disgustingly, revoltingly hot today, and I thought it would be appropriate weather to debut my summery new additions to my wardrobe that seems to accomodate only the colder months.

I went to American Apparel yesterday and bought the Circle Vest and some darlin' little seersucker bloomers. I still have to experiment with the bloomers in a way that will make me look as little like a muffin as possible.

american apparel circle vest
american apparel bloomers
vintage belt
fruit of the loom tank top
vittadini loafers

P.S. I discovered only recently that the socalled Hanes tank top I referred to is, in fact, Fruit of the Loom. Don't know why I got Hanes into my brain.
P.P.S. Title is a funny little phrase from Simon Doonan's Eccentric Glamour. And I like doilies. (I accidentally ate one with a bundt cake in the sixth grade.)


age classified

Haven't seen you guys in a while, huh?

The outfit from Father's Day lunch/gathering/get-together, where I had the greatest grilled cheese of my life and listened to my family discuss the uselessness that is Twitter.

roberta fleymann shirt
dad's belt
selfmade skirt

I have been rewatching this semi-old SNL skit over and over and over and over. I'm six! (title of this post is a reference.)


4th times the charm

I am totally aware that this is the fourth post in a row where I'm wearing this vest. I don't care.

This was my festive Flag Day outfit, I'm just preparing for the parties up and down the streets tonight. You know how people get on Flag Day.

american apparel t-shirt, erin fetherston for target dress, marc by marc jacobs vest, dad's belt


die mosquito

Hello hello. Here's a very quick outfit from dinner today. I'm crazy tired from day-camp-counseling...what clay sculptures can tomorrow hold? Today some of my greatest pieces included a corn dog, a dolphin, and an apple tree. 

marc by marc jacobs vest, hi-line shirt, vintage floral skirt, dad's belt

I had to take these pictures quick before I was devoured by mosquitoes. Thanks, nature. 


fleece is a bad idea

I really wanted to wear a fleece motorcycle jacket today. It went SO well with the dress I put on, and I was incredibly tempted. I was fully aware that it is June and that fleece and June don't mesh the most ideally. And I'm thanking my smidge of common sense, because I was about to melt after 20 minutes outside in bare shoulders and legs. Fleece...dear lord.

This dress is rapidly becoming shorter and shorter on me, so I decided to put a skirt under it for some length and to make it a little fluffier and puffier, which is always fabulous!

Remember my post featuring my uniform shoes? I got so many comments saying how great they were, so I took out mine from maybe 6th or 7th grade, infinitely more comfortable than mine from this year. I kind of like them, although anyone from school that reads my blog is going to think me crazy.

marc by marc jacobs vest, ruby pearl dress, selfmade skirt, urban outfitters hat, willits saddle shoes

P.S. I'm thinking about some videos on here- maybe closet tour, or just vlogs here and there? Any thoughts on that?



This is what I decided to wear today! I'm going to try to keep the writing on this post down a bit, I don't have to explain anything with this. I just liked the look of all black and white with this bubbly, tulip-y pink top.

marc by marc jacobs vest, hanes tank top, handmade skirt-as-top, dad's belt, american apparel lame leggings, marc by marc jacobs heels

P.S. I'm a camp counselor for the next 6 weeks, don't expect tons of extravagant outfit posts, unless you would like seeing our faaabulous t-shirts in hues like "avocado" and "cinnamon".


woven weave

Last summer, this one pair of American Eagle dark denim shorts was all I wore. I was bored with them yesterday and poured so much bleach on them, I was worried my bathroom was going to explode. With these shorts, I was wanting to go for a more faded color instead of the dark wash, but they ended up looking like the splattered bleached denim that blogs just went kookoo-for-cocoa-puffs over.

I'm fine with it, these were actually what I wanted to go for the first time I attempted the bleached denim.

This little shredded/weaved top is from my aunt, she bought it and ended up not working for her, I gladly took it. I belted it at first but concluded I liked it better without.

Well check out me ramble, lordy. Outfit o' the day.

bdg shirt, babette top/vest/shred item, american eagle diy shorts, sister's vintage boots, vintage belt, urban outfitters bow