tiers up to the moon

I cannot think of words to fill this box, so I revert to my old tactic of likes and dislikes. Likes: baking, Bellatrix Lestrange, the word "betwixt", Post-it notes, cheesecake, drawings of feathers, Rupert Grint, cream soda, floral print, and anything that comes out of Albus Dumbledore's mouth. Dislikes: country music, rap music, loud music, bananas, Cho Chang, Six Flags, cigarettes, corn off the cob (not sure what it is, I quite like it on the cob), cats, flip-flops, and Cormac McLaggen and his agility.

silence+noise jacket, sister's vintage shirt, vintage skirt, vintage shoes

I was told to say hello to my friend Bob Saget. She knows who she is.

(Holding On: Alex Day)


a million and one thousand things

My month-long hiatus was not really intentional. I tried to think of a new blog name for about 2 weeks straight, then that endeavor fizzled out (for now. I'm still driving myself insane trying to think of one), and then I formed the idea, purely excusing my laziness, that I couldn't post until I found a new name. I didn't find a name for a month, school started and began to beat me up, and here I am! But really though, once I get the most magnificent new blog name, I'm planning on expanding my content a little bit so I can post more. If I have any more readers left, I am asking for any suggestions for names, or even amusing words, which I've been collecting in a tiny notebook for a month now.

I talk so much.

vintage jacket, jcrew shirt, vintage belt, sister's american apparel skirt, vintage norma kamali shoes

(Holding On: Alex Day)