Built By Wendy

Sorry for my absence, I was at camp and..um...I probably should have told you, right? I don't like to worry you...

Let's start this little post off with a story.

One day about 6 or something months ago, I was at Barnes and Noble, and started flipping through Sew U, a book my friend had recommended. It was written by Wendy Mullin, a designer whom I had never heard of before, from Built by Wendy. I was leafing through an old Lucky magazine while eating my breakfast this morning (I always need my reading material) and saw a Built by Wendy top that was really cute. I looked on her website and she has the cutest stuff, like...

...this adorable striped dress...

...and the print also comes in...

...this little tunic-y dress thing...

...this amazingly cute jumper (in the different print color option)...

...and this FABULOUS jacket....

Some others that I love-

I'm not sure why I like this- it looks really unflattering on the model, but I like the pattern...or something. I really don't know.

I know why I like this- the contrasting hem and button front. So cute.

I could really do without the jeans underneath, but the dress is cute on its own, for a casual, comfy look.

One of my favorite dress trends this summer is the vest dress, and this one is fantastic. I love the soft pastel colors.

I ADORE this dress- really modern and chic.

Just some cute, casual canvas flats.

Built By Wendy is having a sale as I type, so take advantage of that- 40% off! Yippee!


ps- a longer post will follow- i was really bored and i didn't have many ideas for posts. sorry!

12th Street by Cynthia Vincent

I had never looked at the 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent label that well before, and now that I have, I am absolutely blown away. She does simple concepts and makes them incredible with details and colors. There are some classic pieces, like long cardigans, and fun ones, like yellow dresses. After some searching on ShopBop and Net-a-Porter, I found some great items.

This violet color is so rich, this whole dress is beyond chic. I could imagine this on a stylish woman working in a huge fashion magazine.

This picture is focusing on the dress, but I liked this whole outfit so much. I like how it's all dark except for the splashes of metallic and gray.

The slouchy sleeves on this are relaxed and easy. This sweater is perfect to throw on over a little dress or paired with jeans.

This dress, especially the bow, is so elegant, but the yellow shade adds a fun touch. Love the neckline.

Another rich violet shade, this time in a comfy sweater. This looks so light and soft. This would look great with nearly anything. Over a black minidress, it is unexpected and cool. I love the dolman sleeves on this.

This is so cool! The collar is really dramatic and original. One of the most interesting sweaters I have ever seen.

I love the waistline on these shorts, and they are very elegant because they are made out of silk. Silk shorts...yum. =]

This tunic would look great with these pants below...

Cute, right?

The poufy (yes, I'm not British or anything, but it looks better than POOFY.) sleeves are really pretty, and the print is a modern contrast to them, which have a bit of a Victorian, romantic vibe.

This three tiered skirt is so pretty, and it has a tiny bit of a nautical feel.

This is gorgeous, the peachy color, drapey shape, off-the-shoulder top, and keyhole are all fabulous.

This is really pretty, the flutter sleeves and the bias seam detail as well as the ruching. It's simple but with so much detail, which makes it really unique.

Gorgeous! This green color is amazing and the voluminous sleeves are so pretty. I love all the ruching.

Umm...a bit short. If this was longer, then it is very chic and elegant, perfect for a party.



Summer Dresses

Okay, first of all, I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long! I've had too much going on...

Now, moving on....

Summer is the perfect time for adorable sundresses, and I have compiled an extensive list of some fabulous ones. They are all breezy and cute, great for this hot weather... well...it's been raining every day here, but when it gets sunnier (maybe in JULY...) then you can wear these! Okay, moving on...

Alice + Olivia Layla Ruffle Dress- at shopbop.com
I love this print, with the purple paired with the summery floral. Looks very comfortable as well.

AKA New York Print Halter Sundress- at shopbop.com
This is a simple shape, but the prints are fantastic, it comes in many more. These dresses are really versatile too.

AKA New York Print Short Sleeved Mini Dress- at shopbop.com
This print is really cool, and the slightly bell sleeves are so cute! Again, this comes in lots more prints.

Betsey Johnson Starfish Dress- at urbanoutfitters.com
The yellow and white color combination here is really fresh and fun. I love the buttons and collar, how it's not at the collar but...lower.

Diane von Furstenberg Benten Mini Dress- at net-a-porter.com
This is very simple and very chic. Play down this bright shade of red with a lightweight black cardigan and pair it with some metallic gladiator sandals. I really need to get me some gladiators, very in this summer.

Diane von Furstenberg Nolan Linen Sundress- at net-a-porter.com
This is the ultimate summery print- floral, but not grandma. I love it, and I never go flowery. I also adore the gathering on the skirt.

Ella Moss Gathered Dress- at neimanmarcus.com
Simple and youthful, with a great color and gorgeous details.

Free People Precious Strappy Dress- at freepeople.com
This is made out of light and breezy gauze, so it's very comfortable. The straps are so cool, the detail is amazing.

Free People Silk Jersey Halter Dress- at urbanoutfitters.com
Love the print and colors, and the fact that it's silk jersey.

Lilly Pulitzer Silk Tie Shoulder Dress- at neimanmarcus.com
This is so cute, I love all of the many colors in it. The ties on the shoulders add a bit to it, so it's not just a pretty printed dress.

Lux Jersey Speakeasy Dress- at urbanoutfitters.com
I LOVE this dress. I NEED this dress. It looks so comfy and I love the unexpected color combination of the yellow and blue. The back is so pretty, too. This is perfect for summer.

Lux Slubby T-Shirt Dress- at urbanoutfitters.com
The t-shirt dress is really in this season, and this comes in tons more colors. It's not my favorite, but good anyway.

Lux Tube Knit Dress- at urbanoutfitters.com
This is so pretty- I love the soft drapes and coral color. It's perfect for an summer evening party.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Camille Flower Cotton Dobby Dress- at shopbop.com
I love the ruffles at the front- adds an elegant touch. I like the bit of 40's inspiration for this dress. This is good for a day of shopping, which I have done LOTS of since summer started. I am completely broke now... but fashionably broke!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Loreli Jersey Dress- at net-a-porter.com
So. Cute. The sleeves are adorable!

Stella McCartney Oversized Check Dress- at net-a-porter.com
This is SO adorable- the skirts pleats are fantastico. The checks are sooo cute!!!!! I need this dress.

Tibi Chain Print Dress- at net-a-porter.com
I love the patchwork with similar prints in it, and the contrasting blue straps are very cute.

Velvet Drew Silk Dress- at shopbop.com
This black and white lace-like print is so neat, and it would be great for a summer party as well.

Again, sorry for the posting habits lately! I promise I will be more consistent! Remember to email me fashion questions for the new feature at missfashionista11@yahoo.com



I've Been Tagged!

Well, I've been tagged by the fabulous Ciao Bella from Shopaholic. I guess I'll do this...

Game Rules:
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

1) I have a slight case of OCD, no therapy needed, but it drives me insane. Like some people I know, if I touch one thing, I have to touch it with the other hand, but along with that, I have to touch it with both hands. If something is over a line, then I feel the urge to put it aligned with the line. Like today, my dance teacher's cell phone was over the line of the floor, and I was sitting near her and it was driving me CRAZY. So since I couldn't just move her phone for her...which would be a little weird...I had to use my "mind control" (thinking "Move the phone, move the phone, PLEASE!") until she moved the phone to do something. There's a few more little...uhhh...."ticks", but I don't feel like listing them.

2) I saw every single Mary-Kate and Ashley movie ever made and used to check out all of their books in the library when I was little. I would seriously take ALL of the MK&A books. I was a tad obsessed. My little sister used to pretend we were Mary-Kate and Ashley. I was always Mary-Kate. =]

3) I need to apply lotion at least every two hours. My hands are always scented. Right now they are Breathe's Romance hand lotion, which kind of makes me nauseous, but whatever. It smells good the first three seconds.

4) When I was little, I always dreamed of being fictional characters when I grew up, such as Harriet the Spy or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

5) I think Marc Jacobs is the most genius-est man in the world.

6) When I saw Simon Birch, I cried so hard you could probably fill a normal sized sink with my tears. I am not exaggerating at all. I was hysterical. It is such an amazing movie, but I never want to see it again because I'm scared of how much I'll cry.

7) I love English class so much that I (not the kind of person that does this AT ALL) was really really super-upset when my grade dropped from an A to an A- in English. I was so mad.

I am tagging:

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It Has Happened

I have officially seen the first person in Dallas wearing Tory Burch flats. Emma from If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Come Sit Here By Me has been going on about how, in New York, everyone wears them, but here, NOBODY does. NOBODY. So, I was pretty shocked to see them on somebody who didn't look remotely fashionable. I was just chowing down my Famous Famiglia garlic knots at the mall's food court (they are nothing but calories...but so good...soo gooood...) and she was sitting across from me. She was the kind of person that thinks, "Hey, if I deck myself out in head-to-toe designer labels, that probably makes me fashion-forward." Which is wrong. Very wrong. She was just sitting there in her Chanel glasses (not sunglasses) and Tory Burch flats and some green minidress that didn't do her legs much justice. I really wish it was a different person wearing those flats, I really truly do. Whatever.

So that day at the mall, I went to BP. Since I am on the prowl for a nice vest, I was looking all over. And I found the most perfect one EVER. It is adorable. Light blue, gray, and black houndstooth, with a racerback. I haven't gotten it yet, I put it on hold, but I'm going back to retrieve it in about 20 minutes, I think. I'm going to wear it with a gray ribbed tank, my black skinny jeans, and this awesome bracelet from Forever 21 I got that day. It's translucent turquoise, and it has these oversized studs CARVED into it. So cool. I found a picture-

I am in love. I'm not sure what shoes to wear with it. I don't want to be like complete menswear with oxfords or something. But I don't own any oxfords, sooo.... I got some cute black flats a week ago. I never thought I would do it, but they are *gasp* Jessica Simpson. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that. But they are very cute. They have these kind of...folds around the top and they have a suede toe. I might get a picture soon.



I Need A Second Opinion

So I found a pair of old Ray-Ban Aviators from in my dad's bureau, from like, the 90's. I tried them on, because the Ray-Bans are huge right now (I really would have prefered the Wayfarer, but...no. My dad would not dare to look a tad like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. I really can't imagine that. At all. But moving on...) I thought I looked ridiculous, but then I was like, "Hmm...a little motorcycle-chic, tough, but...that's..not really..me." But the thing that REALLY bothered me was that little sweatband thing at the top- UNREMOVABLE. Arghh...but anyway, I took a picture, where I look a little..I don't know, like wannabe model-trying-too-hard. Whatever. What do you think?


Okay...do I wear them or no?



The Most Gorgeous Collection. Ever.

I ADORE Tracy Reese. She is a wonderful designer and makes the most feminine clothes. Her Fall 2007 show was incredible, I loved every piece. These are my absolute favorites- they are SO beautiful... she put fun tights under almost every look- so cute!

I love the neutral, cream and tan palette of this outfit- the dress has such pretty detailing, with the skirt and thing on the front. The striped tights elongate the leg and add a playful touch to the outfit.

Love the proportions on this- the voluminous coat with the skinny Bermuda shorts look great. This is beautiful.

The cutouts on this give a hint of provocativity (is that a word?) but is still demure. The tights are so cute as well.

These sleeves are so pretty, and the skirt is simple, but elegant. MORE TIGHTS!

The slight sheerness and shimmer are so cute! I love the neckline and the fluttery skirt!

At first glance this seems simple, but if you look at the circle print, it's really gorgeous. The metallic trend is still going strong.

These pleats are beautiful and the detailing on this is amazing.

The metallic jacket is incredible- the detail on the front is great.

This is a very sophisticated ensemble, but still young and pretty. Another great metallic jacket. Tracy can do it all.

I'm not sure I would pair this metallic color with the beige, but this is, by far, the best jacket.

I love the lace-like detail on this dress- simple and chic.

This is so pretty, especially the top.

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. It is so elegant and the voluminous sleeves are great. This is a fabulous coat-dress. I'm in love...

A beautiful party dress.

Look at the front pleats on the skirt! So cute.

The sweater looks so comfy. I love that skirt- the modern lace print is so cool. I would totally wear this out. Anywhere. It's sooo cute....

Very pretty and sophisticated.

This is so fun. I love the pink and the ruffled sleeves. Paired with the polka dotted tights, it is so wearable.

So cute, I love the sparkle.

More cool modern lace print- it's so cute with the pink.

The bow is very cute, and the jacket is a great way to keep this *very* short dress classy.

Beautiful, the turtleneck isn't stuffy at all. I don't usually like turtlenecks, but this one is great. The sparkly skirt is so pretty! This is a great outfit for a holiday party (yes, we are in summer, but this is a fall collection =] )

This is SUCH A CUTE DRESS. I love the ruching and dark gray color.

I love this explosion of color, classic Tracy.

This is such a beautiful color. The colored trench coat is definitely a hot new trend.

This is like the cutout dress, but very mod. Love the color combo.

Fabulous tangerine color, and the thing at the neck (what IS that?) is so original.

The genius behind it all.

As you can see, I LOVED the collection. It's SO BEAUTIFUL! What are your favorite looks?