Wearing entirely pink sure does generate a lot of talk. Today complete strangers approached me, pinched my sweater, and giggled happily, others just mumbled "cute" as they walked by.

I guess I don't have a problem with it.


sweater: jcrew, skirt: made by me, boots: steve madden, hat: forever21


orange loafers

My quite boring outfit from Friday...

Aren't they pretty?

shirt: gap, skirt: made by me, lamé leggings: american apparel, shoes: vittadini


button-down: martin+osa, skirt: urban outfitters, boots: steve madden, hat: forever21

and today:

shirt: diy, vest: marimekko, lamé leggings: american apparel, skirt: made by me, boots: steve madden

Now that the temperature is dropping (yes, I've mentioned it a lot- I'm excited, sue me.) I am getting so much more wear out of my boots and American Apparel leggings.

I felt like a photographer again today, just some more proof that it's fall.

My sister was wearing yellow tights and Minnetonkas, I told her to pose with the leaves- she subconsciously blended in with the scenery...



moss, 1992

I love happy editorials like this one.

From Glamour France, photos: foto decadent


the cutting-edge secret to wearing summer clothes...in winter.

I know, I know. I've been remarkably uninteresting and inactive the past few posts. I've been lacking in all inspiration and cannot pull a shred of creativity out of my tiny head.

An outfit I would enjoy wearing. In the winter, I rarely focus on practicality for clothing. I throw on a skirt and a pair of tights and make it a pathetic excuse for heavy duty winter clothing.

Dad: You're going to freeze out here.
Me: Psh, no! I'm wearing tights.

jacket: mike&chris, skirt: apc, tights: fogel, boots: jeffrey campbell




When I woke up today, the first thing I heard was "It's COLD!", which, in Texas, means anything below 80 degrees. I never actually went outside, so I dressed according to "it's cold", which it has not been this fall.

This single outfit, being able to wear tights again, made me want 40 degree weather, even if it was only in the upper 60's.

dress: american apparel, shirt: diy, cardigan: pitaya, tights: does anyone ever know where their black tights came from?



It's no surprise that our economy is in the toilet right now. I don't want to go into a political-economic tirade on this fashion blog, so we can just launch into the newest feature- The Ten. Ten items for each month, all inexpensive and able to be mixed and matched to create different looks, making you spend less money, still look good, etcetera. This was my first, obviously, and it's way harder than it looks, hence my picking of more pricey items. I'll do better next time, I promise. But hey- everything is under $100!

Number 1 doesn't follow the same pattern as the rest, but how else could I fit all of these marvelous tights on one page.

Editor's Notes:
#4: Please don't scold me for picking $80 pants. As I was looking through them, I realized how ridiculous that is. I picked the ones from Topshop purely for how they appeared on the website. There are complete replicas at Forever 21 for so much cheaper, but I didn't pick those because of the appearance on the website. You know, where it looks like there was a mannequin there before but they took it out and then it's just a floating pair of pants that looks like someone is wearing them. God, I don't know when to stop talking, do I?

$6: This is from the Play Charlotte Ronson line, which I failed to mention.

#8: Seriously, picture it with purple.



halloween's not over yet...

My outfit from Saturday. I wore my bear-maul shirt for the first time, when I walked out my dad told me I looked like a jack-o-lantern, which I had never really noticed, but all day I was glancing down and thinking "It really does look like a jack-o-lantern..."

I ramble.

cardigan: pitaya (boutique in dallas), shirt: diy fruit of the loom, skirt: do we really need to go over this? socks: american apparel, not really shown: black patent nordstrom bp flats



scruffed and scuffed

Our grade finished The Wizard of Oz a few weeks ago, and my friend Julie was in the Kansas scenes, which includes many flannel plaid shirts, overalls, etc. In the depths of the costume department, they dug up these beauties for Julie. Maybe to the drama director they are simple prairie boots, but to Julie and I, they are one of the loveliest things we've ever laid eyes on.

She allowed me to photograph her feet to showcase these marvelous things, excuse the revolting carpeting. Perfectly rugged, lace ups, we both really wanted to steal them but I don't think that mission has been carried out yet.


P.S. Many apologies for the absolutely terrible posting lately. I have a new feature coming up, so I'm not completely neglecting this blog.


i love america.

Nice job following instructions.
A grin is permanently plastered on my face.



on november fourth


A little suggestion on who.



the white t-shirt customization extravaganza

After seeing Camille's shredded shirt that we've all heard so much about, I had sudden inspiration to destroy white t-shirts. I bought a 4-pack of Fruit of the Loom t-shirts and got to work last night. My goals were to do the Luella splatter smiley face t-shirt from so long ago (do you remember them?), the shredded, and a slitted t-shirt, maybe drawing inspiration from the slitted leggings on Anja Rubik and Rumi...?

The result.

After an entire day of sarcastic "nice shirt"'s, "you look like the Joker"'s, and "what's with the shirt"'s regarding this FREAKING shirt, I was angry. I love this shirt so much and I really don't see how it is so offensive to them. I don't think they would have a problem with it if they saw Kate Bosworth wearing it, would they now?

I kind of feel like a bear mauled me, but I also feel very cool.

After making the first shirt, I realized how much I liked the slitted lines that I did on the back, so I did a shirt with the front and the back like it. I know this is insanely long, I'm planning on just cutting off a few levels so it's hip length. Just a side note- this is murder to get in and out of.

And here I just decided to paint.

You might notice the lack of shredded t-shirt. To put it shortly, I got frustrated. I ended up with about a 3 centimeter long piece of shredded shirt that I'm pretty sure was only due to me ripping the fabric in anger, not being adept with the seam ripper. I seriously don't know how they do it. I'll try to pick it up later. Edit: Okay, it's really not that hard. I've been working on it now. I think I was just impatient...



sweet tooth

Happy late Halloween. I had a very nice one, trick-or-treating for the first time in two years...it was fun. I received much more candy than expected (see above) and had quite a wonderful time. My remarkably unglamorous costume was Joe the Plumber. We dressed up the day before Halloween because this whole weekend is the opening of our musical and my, my, we have been hectic. Daily 6 hour rehearsals seem to have paid off. But anyways.

I distracted myself from eating all of this by making a few outfits inspired by the candy.

I’m so boring, I disgust myself. I’m such a perfectionist with this kind of thing, so I didn’t want any color that wasn’t in the packaging.

jacket: unknown, found in closet from ages ago, tank top: jcrew, skirt: made by me

Ah, the dots look like Skittles, you see? This is just lots of color, etcetera.

vest: marimekko, tank top: jcrew, skirt: made by me, tights: urban outfitters

Okay, the only reason I did Whoppers was because I have a dress eerily similar to the packaging.

dress: forever 21, jacket: see above