a thirtyfifth birthday

We had a free dress day at school yesterday and school started late, so I had a bit of time to take pictures. Yes, there's only 3, but it was bloody freezing outside and I couldn't really take it.

silence&noise blazer
tarantino dress
dad's belt
american apparel tights (white)
urban outfitters tights (lace)
forever21 hat
steve madden boots

Don't expect me to post anymore next week either- exams are still beating me up.

Title refers to Miss Kate Moss, happy birthday to her.



I had absolutely no idea how popular my school uniform shoes were. As proved by the comments on my last post, they are actually...cute? I can't look past them as the shoes I wear every day for my uniform, but if you enjoy them, that's quite alright with me.

We have exams coming up so posting probably won't be frequent. But to keep you until then, I finished bleaching/shredding the denim vest that I bought here. I am quite pleased with the progress. It was too late at night when I was shredding it so it's not fully ripped to my liking. I'm planning on doing some more.
There's lots of other bits of sandpapering and shredding around it, but you know, who has time to take pictures of that?


it has come to an end

Well, winter break had to end some time.

It actually pains me to think about putting on my school shoes tomorrow.



magenta bows, black fur

Today I was able to check one thing off my shopping list. My friend and I went to the fantastical vintage store Ahab Bowen today, quite an enjoyable time.

And this lovely thing is what I picked up. It was $32, so we assumed it had to be faux fur...but now I see it's real. Gahhhh. I kind of feel guilty, but people make good points- "But really, if we eat the meat, shouldn't we wear the skin too?" said The Clothes Horse. I don't want to make this a fur-or-no-fur post, so let's get on.

It's pretty though, isn't it?

I would rather have found a tan/beige one, but alas, I didn't get that lucky. 

I love what my friend got- a long hot pink skirt with a huge bow. It's a bit strange, it's cut out in the center...

But it's adorable. We have no idea how she should wear it, but we figured she would regret it if she didn't snatch it up. Edit: anyone have any idea on HOW to wear it?

An Irritating Reminder:

I'm doing a Q&A post, so ask me questions! I've put "keep asking questions" on the bottoms of a few posts, but I'm now realizing that new readers who are too lazy to scroll down a bit might find that a little confusing. So yes: Q&A. Your questions. Answered.