Let me just say that if you are in the Dallas area, you absolutely MUST visit Parkerhawn Vintage. There is an amazing selection of vintage clothes, shoes, bags, scarves..everything. And excellently priced, as well.

I picked these two items up there yesterday and I think it's a bit funny how completely opposite they are from each other.

The first thing that caught my eye was this studded denim jacket/Western shirt. NINE DOLLARS. I'm eager to look like Danny Zuko.

From Zuko to....this, which I'm just off-the-wall excited about. It's a Victorian blouse, very sheer and ruffly and Shakespearean. Really, when I wear it, I feel like William Shakespeare, writing furiously from the light of a candle in a pub because he couldn't afford to get a candle from his own house. Even the back has the same detail (last 2 pictures). Pearl buttons and ruffles and billowy sleeves. It makes me very happy.


i do not care about practicality

So this was my outfit from the day we got out for spring break, which was like, 2 weeks ago. Awesome. We had a free dress day and I decided it would be a good idea if my arms were bound to my sides for the whole day. I thought it would make doing things really easy and I knew that adjusting my belt every time I reached for something would not be a problem.

It doesn't look too bad like this, I actually really liked the outfit, but when your entire armspan is this:

It's a bit of a problem...and fifth graders are staring at you and probably referring to me in their inner circles as creepy zombie capelet chick.

The end.

skirt-as-capelet: made by me
dress: american apparel
tights: forever21
flats: bp nordstrom

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the tale of the accidental hipster

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I didn't think I looked that hipster-y when I got dressed this morning, but when I was mistaken for an Urban Outfitters employee today, I apparently got filled in.

I think it's just the tights.

Most of the day I was wearing this navy blazer which is pretty much invisible on the picture. Just keep tilting your computer screen and you should be able to detect a little bit of it at some angle.

Isn't this outfit the definition of what spring is? I mean, check out all those light, happy colors and floating fabrics. You can't get more fun than this, right?

american apparel cowl-neck dress
urban renewal blazer
diy ripped tights
steve madden boots


questions answered.

I left this for so long because I was convinced that people would keep asking questions. They didn't. It's not my fault it's so short.

How old are you?

13 years young.

Where do you live?

Dallas, Texas.

What is your all time favorite article of clothing in your closet?

That's a hard one. If it counts, all of my puff skirts. It's so boring it makes me groan, but they actually can be transformed into a lot of different items. I can wear them long or short, as a double-layered strapless dress (in a previous post), and even little capelets! I love blazers too- my "leather" one and a navy one that I've recently rediscovered in my closet.

If you were to create an editorial, what would the theme be?

I like this question! There's probably already one like this out there, but I read the Luxe this summer (not exactly quality literature, but...) and I loved that whole scene- the debutantes in New York City in the 1800's. I think an editorial like that would be really neat, all the long dresses and frilly, dramatic headpieces, etcetera.

Who are your style icons?

As cliche as it sounds, every other blogger inspires me. Some of my favorites are Alix, Betty, Jane, Rumi, Tavi, Karla, The Stylish Wanderer, Diana, etc. As for outside the blogosphere, I love Carine Roitfeld, the dynamic Olsen duo (COULD I BE MORE PREDICTABLE), Kate Bosworth, Giovanna Battaglia, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Emmanuelle Alt. There's so many more but my brain isn't functioning well right now. Oh, and I love Meredith Melling Burke whenever pictures of her surface, I feel like I don't see much of her.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

In life? Hmm...I hate to leave a question unanswered, but I've dwelled on this for weeks (this post stayed in drafts for months...) and I really can't think of anything!

Why did you start a blog?

I am almost positive that it was because of the Pearls and Pants girl that was in Teen Vogue. That kind of introduced me to the whole idea of blogging and I started to read others. One night in sixth grade I decided to start one...and the archives of this blog are terribly embarrassing.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Let's see, I would be 23 years old. I would be in college? Out of it? I think 23-24 is when you get out, right? I don't know. I want to go to college, of course, but I'm not sure where yet. My choice of occupation has varied these past few years, but I think at 23 I would want to work at a magazine of some sort, maybe a fashion journalist.

If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what color would that be?

It's boring, but I would have to say black. I just love the look of an all black outfit. Oh god, but what about the summer? That wouldn't be fun. Oh no. I still have to go with black, probably.

Where do you shop the most?

That's difficult...I don't really have a lot of clothes from one particular place, they're kind of all over. I like American Apparel, Urban Outfitters (you all know my love/hate relationship with it), and if you can dig through the plethora of rhinestone encrusted tank tops and fake satin minidresses at Forever 21 they can have really good things. I looked at the Twelve by Twelve stuff for the first time and I love it. I also love going through my old clothes when I was 5 or 6, some of them can be amazing now.

Who are your favorite musicians?

So many. I love Voxtrot, Spoon, Belle & Sebastian, Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Goldfrapp, M.I.A (I really wish people would listen to all of her songs BESIDES Paper Planes, because they are all amazing), Coldplay, The Virgins, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, etc. And oh my God, I have been listening to Britney Spears' new album on repeat for what seems like decades. It's. Fan. Tas. Tic.
Edit: And as of this morning- Vox Angeli. It's this AMAZING group made up entirely of little French kids (I shouldn't say little, most of them are my age..) and they have insane voices. They're fantastic. Go listen to their cover of Imagine right now. And Paradis Blanc.

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration- who do you most want to dress/act like?

The Cherry Blossom Girl. Enough said.

How do you get people to read your blog? How is it so successful?

I really wouldn't call it so successful, I'm in a bit of a blogging rut at the moment. You've probably heard it before, but really, the only way to get your blog out there is commenting on others' blogs. Ask to trade links, then people will slowly learn about your blog. To me, the most annoying thing is when you've worked so hard on a post and someone just comments with "PLEASE LOOK AT MY BLOG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LOOK AT IT. I REALLY WANT TO HAVE A MILLION VIEWERS PLEASE LOOK AT IT PLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE." Be polite about it. Actually read what someone has to say.

Your perfect day?

1. Wake up in Paris
2. In a wild tornado of sparkles, have Glinda the Good Witch transform me into Maryna Linchuk.
3. Proceed to spend my day exactly like this. With the background music following me around.

What's your kind of guy?

I don't really have a...type. I'm 13, not really looking for anything right now...

Who are your favorite designers?

Luella, Balmain (don't kill me?), Alexander Wang (see previous parentheses), etc. Hussein Chalayan consistently amazes me with his flawless mix of technology and fashion- his spring '07 show left me literally open mouthed. Pictures obviously don't do it justice- find a video.