up up and away

I'm not too crazy about today's post, daytime pictures are so much happier. These just make me depressed. But all during the day I was seeing Up (Greatest movie ever. Go to it
now.) and didn't have time to take cheerful pictures. Maybe if I'm bored and OCD enough tomorrow, I'll retake them.

Edit: I definitely was bored and OCD enough. If it's your first time at this post, there used to be dark and depressing outfit pictures in these pictures' place.

wallace dress, hanes tank top, jcrew socks, sister's vintage shoes


hula hula

Little outfit for today, not doing much...hula hooping, basically. These shorts could be the most unflattering piece of clothing I own, but I just found them the other day and I love them, regardless. They're just so darn cute. Put ruffles and buttons on anything and I'm there. 

marc by marc jacobs vest, kimchi blue top, jovovich-hawk for target shorts

And a bit of cake I had the immense privilege to have a taste of yesterday, because a) it's good for the eyes, and b) I never post food!



My mom's (AND MY) BFF gifted me with this shirt yesterday and I love it, because feeling like a superhero is a lot of fun. So I felt superhero-y today, and tried to put that into my outfit...the yellow skirt dots looked a little cartoony, no?

unknown shirt (the label just has lots of stars on it), sister's vintage belt, handmade skirt


fish are friends not food

Have you ever wondered what was the most unphotographable outfit inside the blogosphere? Look no further. It's this one. I don't even know what happened today- I could not get a good picture. The ones I took in the morning when it was happy and sunny and green didn't show the outfit/I looked stupid because my sister was peering over at me through her bedroom window. So I took a break and was lazy and watched Finding Nemo. Because of the emotional rollercoaster that IS Finding Nemo (seriously, Dory and Marlin are in a whale and then orthodontically challenged niece is just shaking Nemo here and there), I look dead in the pictures at night.

I also switched shoes- you can imagine me in whichever ones you like better.

vintage floral skirt/dress, fruit of the loom tank top, bernardo sandals/sister's vintage boots


has no title

Parkerhawn was closed.
But Ahab Bowen was open and we found stuff. We didn't get any good pictures of the new items, but they are sure to make an appearance in future posts.

Our Dallas excursion day didn't go exactly as planned- we got a bit sidetracked trying on funny hats and red rhinestone cat-eye glasses so therefore, didn't get enough time to go to lots of Dallas...hot spots.

Now that my eyes are readily visible to the public, it puts a lot of pressure on one to look presentable. See, before I could just slap a bar over my face while I was dreary and not-really-awake. So the pictures aren't really as clear as they could be, but you will be seeing me soon enough.

outfit on me:
urban outfitters hat, kimchi blue shirt, dad's belt, anna sui skirt, vittadini loafers

outfit on friend:
urban renewal denim shirt, gap tank top, ecote belt, tracy feith for target skirt, jessica simpson shoes

outfit on sister:
madewell top, urban outfitters skirt


sunlight and scarves

The weather outside today was awesome for the third day in a row. There were a ton more pictures, but we cut it down to this many.

outfit on me:
tarantino dress, hanes tank top, madewell scarf, marc by marc jacobs shoes

outfit on friend:
madewell tank top, vintage scarf, movida dress worn as skirt, ecote belt, jessica simpson shoes

By the way- tomorrow we're going on a little Dallas excursion day. Expect an extremely picture heavy post.


lace and ribbons

The hat's back. It will probably be back for every single outfit post this summer. I don't even care, I love it so much.

I got my new camera today and these pictures aren't so much showing my outfit as it is me just playing with how fast it shoots.

kimchi blue camisole/top, hanes tank top, handmade skirt, bernardo sandals, urban outfitters hat

P.S. Two posts in two days, guys. This is promising.



Unedited pictures, say hey! A bit of a rite of passage.

Funny how I begin to wear polo shirts right after school ends, when I should be tired of wearing them during the school year with my uniform. I'm a strange little character.

And NEW HAT. I was so happy to find this one, I'm going to be wearing the straws off of it this summer. I still want a floppier one, if anyone has any suggestions on where to find one, I'm open.

mossimo polo shirt, madewell scarf, forever21 skirt, urban outfitters hat

Happy summer (for most of you)- let the incessant posting begin!



This is what I would be wearing if I managed to get out of the house today. No, no, that would be frivolous. I would much rather dwell alone and study. (Which is how I spent my day. I'm super fun.)

I really love the terrible Photo Booth quality pictures. They're great.

roberta freymann shirt, ruby pearl dress (shirt?), diy ripped tights

And an even worse quality one, just for kicks.


kick back

So since the last time I posted, (quite a while, I would say) I have gained a year to my life. I'm now 14 years old and the proud owner of white jeans. Last summer my mom's sole ambition was finding me a pair, and we never did until now. I've been wearing these nonstop since. 

click to enlarge

thursday's outfit (with blazer):
urban renewal blazer, alternative apparel t-shirt, gap jeans

today's outfit:
martin+osa button-down, urban outfitters vest, dad's belt, gap jeans

They don't make for a particularly epic outfit, but it's nice to be simple and I absolutely adore these things. And now, as my friend pointed out, all I need is a normal blue pair of jeans, which I have yet to own. (I don't plan on it.)

P.S. Mention my blog at Parkerhawn Vintage and get $5 off your purchase! I swear they don't pay me for this. That place is just terrific.