the crafty smoke that made us choke

I'm seriously having trouble with the notion of what to wear now that the temperature is consistently 95 degrees every day, and this is only the first few days of summer. Oy vey. Anyways, I finally got hold of a white blazer (my mom's, but no matter) and I LOVE it. I hope I have the tolerance to wear it in 105 degree heat, but that likelihood looks very negative.

piazza sempione blazer, madewell cardigan, jcrew dress, vintage shoes

(Wish I Stayed: Ellie Goulding)


in this way mr. k will challenge the world

Strange but delightful combination I wore for Mother's Day dinner, which could essentially be described as a mild transformation of my grandmother. She received a nice little pair of TOMS shoes, a new hairstyle courtesy of my sister, and something else that I really can't remember right now. She was very excited.

vintage top, vintage skirt, vintage shoes (such variety!)

(For the Benefit of Mr. Kite: The Beatles)


jabberwock cryptogram

Yesterday was spent at an amusement park in the rain. It could also be categorized as a monsoon, torrential downpour, or mild flood. There was a lot of rain. Everyone at the entire park decided to go to the nearest grease-ridden, hamburger and chili fry-stenched, claustrophobic restaurant and it was quite a miserable, wet 2 and a half hours before we could go back to school. All for the sake of physics. That's my tale, having nothing to do with this outfit.

jcrew button-down, selfmade skirt-as-top, vintage belt, american apparel liquid leggings, vintage shoes, vintage necklace

I generated two random words for the title and left it at that. I hate titles.


repeated repeated repeat

It was bothering me that I'm wearing the same cardigan (I still don't know what to call this piece of outerwear) in this post as the last one. Then I came to my senses and decided it didn't matter, I just needed a post. Anyways, I highly enjoyed wearing this outfit. Colors were a nice invention.

anthropologie cardigan, urban outfitters top, american apparel skirt, vintage belt, vintage shoes



It has been a lifetime (since last summer) struggle to find a way to wear these bloomers without them wreaking complete and total havoc upon my body. In short, they were unflattering when I bought them and they are still unflattering now. I continue to wear them because they are cute. Bad idea? Perhaps. Good idea? Perhaps. Does that make sense? Perhaps.

anthropologie cardigan, martin+osa tank top, american apparel bloomers, vintage belt, vintage shoes