big knits and thick tights

There comes a time at the end of summer where I (and everyone else) grow unbelievably tired of our clothes suited for 100-plus degree weather. I want to layer. I want to wear sweaters and tights and scarves. There's just so much more to experiment with in the colder weather. The trends I would love to try out this fall.

Yes, we've all seen this trend for a while, but I still can't get enough of it. Paisley, the mix of red, gold, and black, and the whole idea of a luxe hippie. It's also such an easy look to achieve.

A blazer is essential in every wardrobe. They can go with anything at all- from a dainty little dress, oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts, anything. They can be any style. Alexander Wang always does the blazer so well.

This whole collection is exactly what I want my fall style to look like. Precise layers, muted colors, put together while still being a little undone.

Ditto on the Gucci on this one- the Prada lace is absolutely everywhere. The Prada is very elegant and proper, while the Balmain is definitely more youthful and hard rock. Either way, it's a big trend that you can make work everyday.

This has always been one of my favorite styles for any season. Again, also very attainable. I love the elegant, almost preppy feminine look to this. Mary Janes, white tights, and bows. Lots of bows.



the pink ladies

Lately I've been loving bright, matte fuchsia lips. It makes such a statement without any other makeup. I've found that MAC and NARS has the best, brightest, pinkest shades.

My favorites are Show Orchid and Girl About Town. I'm mostly drawn to the pinks with the cool undertones rather than warm. They look great on any complexion. All of these lipsticks are the epitome of girly makeup. I immediately register Barbie.

NARS shades: Funny Face, Shiap
Yves Saint Laurent shades: #17 Starlet Pink (Rouge Pur Shine lipstick) Provocative Pink, Fetish Pink (Rouge Volupte lipstick)
Dior shades: Uncontrollable Pink, Optic Fuchsia, Infra Rose (Dior Addict lipstick)
Smashbox shades: Flirty, Stunning (Photo Finish lipstick)
Lancome shades: Hot Nights, Rock Icon Fuchsia (Color Fever Shine)

available at Sephora and Nordstrom


needing suggestions

Please, can someone give me SOMETHING to write about? I'm completely stuck.



getting in the swing of it

No posts this week.

I must solely focus on school.




What I wore for a little Sunday day out...

jcrew shirt, handmade skirt, dad's belt


two doses of pink

Well, here it is. My first outfit post. This is what I wore to dinner tonight with my mom and her friends.

It was the first time I wore my new American Apparel socks and I love them. Since I used so much bright pink, I went with black everything else to tone down the color. And wow, this dress is short. I usually wear it with tights but it's just so hot right now...

no idea where dress is from, dad's belt, american apparel socks, steve madden boots

I'm going to do some more outfit posts later, but when school starts they won't be able to happen, because of dreadful uniforms. On the weekends I believe I will fit it in.



absorbent and yellow and porous is he

I just saw this on Nylon and I thought it was adorable. Rescue Beauty Lounge has taken Spongebob Squarepants as inspiration for their pre-fall polish colors. Star Fish Patrick, Bikini Bottom, and Square Pants are the names of the colors- a orangey-coral, powder blue, and pale yellow. I think this is such a cute idea and the colors are so new, original, and creative. I might want to pick up some of these...


brain freeze

Until Fashion Week starts in September, I'm afraid I cannot pull a single post idea out of my brain. I'll try, I really will...

Now, Project Runway...wow. So much licious this week... I'm not exactly sure on how anyone is supposed to judge this challenge, I mean, drag queens? The designers can throw together anything, throw some sequins and feathers on it, bam- instant formula for drag queens. The show was thoroughly entertaining and hilarious, though. 


If you look at the dress itself, it's pretty simple, it's the sequins, the wings, and the fishnets that made it the draggy perfection that it was...I loved the whole look (drag-wise, not...you know, fashion wise.)


Seriously, Daniel? Really. Not a touch of glitter or spangles or sequin or ANYTHING? I was groaning when he said "I wanted this to be tasteful, sequins make me want to throw up, blah blah blah blah". I mean, really. Daniel, we all know about your FANTASTIC taste. This dress didn't look like a drag queen, it looked like a tacky neon dress a fashion-confused Pussycat Doll would wear to the VMAs. 


This was kind of disgusting. It did nothing for LeMay or her figure. And the color! Jerell has a love affair with olive green. 


That Varla Jean, she killed me. SO FUNNY. Joe's outfit was perfect in all ways. I loved it so much and little (huge) Varla just made it better. And that belt? So, so smart.


Keith always leaves me scratching my head. All of the judges were right, it just looked sloppy, like he threw a bunch of fabric shreds onto the dress form. And no color? This looked nothing remotely like anything a drag queen would wear. 


A little boring, colorless, but at least Kenley worked the sequin aspect into it. This just screams Cruella deVil to me..


Korto did great on this...it was dramatic and perfect for the client. The flames were such a nice touch and the removable skirt made it even better. 


I'm so confused on why this wasn't in the top three! Tim Gunn stated it perfectly- 'The look she designed was pure Fashion with a capital F, because it said "Paris couture" just as potently as it did "drag queen".' So true. This dress was perfect...


So boring, basic, and dull. What says drag about this?


This was a cute look, but again! Too normal. It said more cocktail hour than stage performance. 


I didn't understand this...there's just SO MUCH going on. Terri just kept adding and adding until there was no more space. I don't see why the judges loved it. 



came from the big factory


My American Apparel clothes. 

Post will follow. 


Edit: I realize it's been a while and still no post, but I'm waiting for the black cowl neck dress to come (it shipped separately), that's what I'm basing most of the outfits on. Also, I believe I'm going to start outfit posts very soon...


ask and answer

I'm very sorry to anonymous. A while ago, said anonymous posted a question for me to answer- 

fashionista, question:
i bought a pair of the kind of jeans that aren't white, but its like a really really white-ish blue. they were a good deal for the designer, so i didn't really think through how i would wear them. 
do you have any suggestions on what tops i could wear with it? thanks.

I started the post, then left it to die in drafts. I totally forgot! I'm sorry, because I love getting questions and answering them. Keep doing it. 

And as for the question:

You got lucky! I've been wanting a pair of those kind of jeans. They give such a cool, effortless Erin Wasson-ish vibe, and they're perfect for when you're going for a masculine look. Pair these jeans with neutral tones- gray, black, navy, etc. Play up the boy's look with a blazer or a long slouchy cardigan. 


pop of pink patent

I was looking through the latest issue of Teen Vogue
and in the A to Z section, a certain fashion item caught my eye. They are these hot pink patent leather Hogan sneakers. Hot pink or any kind of pink is a huge thing for fall, and these fit in perfectly. I had contemplated about the hot pink Doc Martens that are similar to these, but these are a little bit less severe and more wearable for the people who can't think they can pull the Docs off. These would look great with all black outfits or with lots of color, too! 



join me in hollywoodland

Ever since the March 2008 Vogue, an editorial has stuck with me and I've never forgotten it. Yes, it's fairly recent, but it's been my favorite ever since. It's called Hollywoodland and it stars the stunning Karen Elson and actor Casey Affleck. It's all about the 1950's woman navigating through Hollywood. I was drawn to the perfect styling, muted pastel colors, and the whole charm of it. I love it...take a look. 

The picture in front of Paramount Studios is a favorite out of the shoot. It's so glamorous and retro and I love the vintage car in the background. The kitchen shot is so cute- it's cheeky and whimsical and still feels stylish. And that gown in the next picture- WHOA. 

Karen looks glamorous even while playing doting housewife. The black and white one is a tad boring, but the rest makes up for it! Don't you wish girls still wore those little flowered swim caps? So cute! Another one of my favorite shots out of the whole shoot was the one in the living room. The interior design is modern, but still has an air of the 1950's. 

How do you like Hollywoodland?


runwaylicious edition iv

First of all, sorry for not doing a Runway commentary last week, I was a little confused on how to judge the challenge- yes, it was interesting, but I don't really watch the Opening Ceremonies and wasn't sure how they should dress. But it's back. The challenge this week was to design an outfit for Brooke Shields' character on Lipstick Jungle. I had never seen this show before, but apparently Brooke's style is bohemian and artsy or whatnot. So they were in teams (always a fantastic way to cheer up the designers) and...whew.

Terri & Suede

Not my favorite look, but there was nothing really wrong with it. 

Keith & Kenley

This one definitely deserved the win. They perfectly fused the bohemian and elegant, powerful businesswoman looks together. Everything about it was perfect. 

Korto & Joe

If the sleeves were a little less puffy, this would have been okay. It's boho, I guess. But Tim did have it right- she looked like a sweet potato. A giant yam. 

Blayne & Leanne

Yes, this was a very bad look. The whole outfit looked like a Limited Too lookbook, but Brooke knew what she asked for. She knew what was going to come out on the runway, and that was Bermuda shorts. She shouldn't have criticized Blayne for that when she chose him knowing full well what was going to come out of it. 

Kelli & Daniel

Ouch. This was so very bad, I don't know how they could let it happen. I mean, the mix of leopard print, that tacky turquoise, all mixed on a pencil skirt suit? A horribly made pencil skirt, at that. 

Jerell & Stella

Loved it, loved it, loved it. They nailed the whole look, nothing was off. It can work in the office or in the evening, without any accessories or removal of jackets, which everyone else seems to turn to in the day-to-night challenges. 



blue vines

I took on what I thought would be a mindblowingly difficult challenge today. Camille, of Childhood Flames, is known for her handmade puff skirts and I always admired them. In March, she posted a tutorial on how to make them, and I thought I could give it a try. 

And the end result?

I kinda love it. A lot, a lot, a WHOLE lot. The pattern is just so girly and it was so easy to make! I plan on making lots more with more fun patterned fabrics. 

What do you think?



an american apparel high

I did it! I bought the leather leggings. Along with a load of other stuff from American Apparel. I'm so super excited, you don't even know. I'm just on the edge of my seat waiting until they come in the mail. Online shopping is god. Here is an inventory of 
all of my purchases. 

1 fuchsia + purple striped 
oversized t-shirt
2 black cowl neck sleeveless shift dress
3 lavender tulip skirt
4 navy tulip skirt
5 white tights
6 sheer hot pink tights
7 black knee socks
8 sheer hot pink knee socks
9 "leather" leggings
10 (not pictured) purple tights from Urban Outfitters

So the second after I sent in my order, I rushed to my room to concoct some potential outfit combinations with my new clothes. After about 20 minutes, I ended up with three pages of madly scrawled words. I swear, these things I bought are so versatile, especially the socks and tights.

 I bought a size up in the striped t-shirt so I can wear it a bit oversized over the leggings. I would never wear just leggings with a normal shirt- gives me the chills just thinking about it.

I'm so happy that I got the black cowl neck dress- I found about 233,257,889 ways to wear it. A while ago I bought some AA tights in bright fire-engine red and haven't worn them yet, because of both the searing hot weather and the lack of my clothes that would match them, but I can totally put it with this, as well as all of the other tights that I bought. 

My recent Urban Outfitters skirt epiphany (yes, I've mentioned it too many times) has taught me how much I love high-waisted skirts. That's why I bought the two tulip skirts. I get excited just thinking about the navy skirt (you know what, OR the purple. I'll be bold.) with the pink socks! I love the knee sock look now...

And don't get me started on the leather leggings. I'm just too thrilled. 


p.s. My apologies if my shopping rants don't interest you. 



I think I'm going to do it. Buy latex/rubber/nylon/lame/leather/whatever you need to call it leggings. I hate leggings in all forms or shapes, but these are just so different. I want some that come to the ankle so they look like pants, not leggings. I'm hoping the American Apparel pair will fit the way I want. Now what to wear it with- my eternal dilemma. I've taken some celebrity, real girl, and runway inspiration to help me out...

The way celebrities normally wear leather leggings is very masculine- blazers, oversized shirts and sweaters, and slouchy cardigans. This look is attainable for me since I just ordered a blazer and although I haven't received it yet, am already cooking up thousands of possibilities with it. American Apparel has every item that goes perfectly with the leggings. 

The model way is pretty similar, with a few more unique touches. Erin Wasson wears it well, with a studded vest and tall ankle boots. Natalia Vodianova, although not shown, wears hers with brown crocodile ballet flats. This is a welcome change from the usual sky high heels that we see with them. 

The runways are very inventive in what they put their leggings with. This Brazilian designer, Caroline Rossato, pairs hers with feminine tops and jackets. It's a feminine look on the top half but masculinity on the bottom. McQueen puts the leggings with a dramatic ruffled jacket for a more glamorous look. 

The first girl gives her leather leggings a quirky, downtown feel with a colorblocked scarf, a knit hat, and oxfords paired with bright turquoise ankle socks. Her look is all in the accessories, you'll notice her outfit is basically a white tank top and the leggings. The next is a casual weekend look- the denim jacket is making a comeback and this girl pulls it off flawlessly. Third outfit- I love, love, LOVE the idea of the feminine, flowy dress (or any other girly item) with leather leggings. It's a perfect juxtaposition. 

Get the look:

American Apparel, $42 (ouch)

So...should I do it? Do any of you have leather leggings and if so, what do you think about them?



if miss marc can go eco then so can you

Hemp doesn't have to be ugly. Marc by Marc Jacobs has debuted two new organic hemp tote bags featuring his famous Miss Marc character. These are so adorable, and I love the eco-friendly concept. Everyone's getting in on it- beauty, fashion, and accessories. It's big. 

Get in on the earth friendly trend- ShopBop even has a whole section devoted to eco-friendly fashion and accessories!



Today as I was doing absolutely nothing in my room, my mother dropped the New York Times Thursday Styles page for me. The front page caught my attention- it was all about online-only fashion magazines. There's apparently hundreds of them! I had heard about some, but I never really visited them. Some magazines the article mentioned were Gloss, Hint, Fashion156, Unvogue, and Iconique. I love this idea- not only does it save money on magazines, but it's easy and accessible to read. 

check them out.




Yes, I'm a little late, but I really love this week's outfits, I hope you do too!


I'm really loving the idea of mixing prints lately, I've been wanting to try it all the time. The cardigan here is so cute and you could wear it so many different ways and make it a lot of different styles. I fell in love with the skirt the second I saw it, the colors are so girly and fun. To balance out all of the pinks and reds, go with a simple shoe in a simple color, like beige. 

Cardigan- Urban Outfitters, Tank top- Topshop, Skirt- Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes- Topshop



This outfit is definitely one of my favorites this week. The top is lovely, the sheer pink is about as girly as you can get. The idea was taking something that was so undeniably feminine and giving it an edge. Putting it with the skinny gray jeans starts off that edgy look. Add a chain necklace and gold stud earrings for accessories and finish it off with Lanvin patent studded gladiators that I really, really want...

Top- Miu Miu, Jeans- Sass & Bide, Earrings & Necklace- Barneys Co-Op, Shoes- Lanvin


I love the strapless-dress-under-t-shirt look, so that's what I did here. The dress is actually called a prom dress, but it can easily be worn during the daytime. I love the floral print in every color in the rainbow. Put more color in it with the color block belt. Again, with so much color, keep the rest simple- a white t-shirt and tan shoes. 

Dress- Topshop, Shirt- Splendid, Belt- Topshop, Shoes- Marc Jacobs


With all of these bright outfits, you need a little bit of neutrals in there. This outfit is more toned down but still has a lot of interest. The top is so versatile, you can wear it day or night. The shorts look so comfortable, perfect for just relaxing. Break up the all brown palette with a white bangle, gray shoes, and an essential metallic bag. 

Top- 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent, Shorts- Vince, Bracelet & Shoes- Urban Outfitters, Bag- Marni 


And we return back to the explosion of color. There's not a piece in this outfit that's not a bright, in-your-face color, but it all somehow works. 

Cardigan- American Apparel, Jeans- Elsom, Shoes- Frye, Ring- Urban Outfitters


A laid-back, Kate Moss-inspired outfit. This has more mixed prints and is a perfect outfit for a relaxed day out. I love the slouchy sweater vest over the striped shirt, I think it's definitely something Ms. Moss would wear...add charcoal-colored cigarette leg jeans, Kate's signature scarf, and navy boots, and you're done.

Vest- American Apparel, Shirt- Vince, Jeans- J Brand, Scarf & Boots, Urban Outfitters


From menswear to prim, proper, and preppy. To go along with the schoolgirl preppy feel of the cardigan, I added a pure white pleated skirt and dusty pink Mary Janes. A string of pearls is a classic accessory, but the black bracelet breaks up the pale colors. 

Sweater- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Skirt- Miu Miu, Shoes, Necklace & Bracelet- J.Crew



the perfect man

Most male celebrities these days don't have a great sense of style- they throw on a nice expensive suit and go. It's really the men who are on the street or the male fashion insiders (like Hamish Bowles, who makes an appearance in this post...) who have the really outstanding style. The guys on the Sartorialist never cease to amaze me. They have a superior eye for fashion- the fit of their clothes is always perfect, they mix colors flawlessly, they make me want to buy everything they wear. Some of my favorite Sart looks lately:

I used to be entirely against men wearing shorts. I just thought it was weird. Now, I'm really changing my mind after seeing all of the men on the Sartorialist pulling it off. But men, if you're going for this look, do it like these guys- sharp, clean, and with presentable legs. I still hate the men running around in tiny athletic shorts. Knee-length, please. 

These men make the suit exciting and not the boring ones you see day after day. The first look is undeniably handsome with the double breasted jacket. You don't see that every day. I love the look in the middle- fitted blazer, clean khakis, and a pop of color in bright purple moccasins that tie together seamlessly. The fit on the last outfit is what makes it look so good. 

Men wearing color is unexpected and so fun. It shows they are brave and bold, which I really respect. The man in the baby blue suit is the coolest. He pulls it off perfectly, pairing it with the light cream colors and the dark tie and bag breaks up the outfit from being too pale. And Mr. Bowles, looking flamboyant and fabulous as usual. The last outfit I'm in love with. If I were a man, I'd wear it in a heartbeat. 

I'm obsessed with the first man. And look, more purple moccasins!