dear jacket, you are my best friend

There is nothing in the world that could have stopped me from buying this jacket. Packs of wild horses, throngs of aggressive shoppers, a buffalo stampede. I encountered none of these problems though, it was tucked away at a small corner of the store and I couldn't leave it for someone else to wear. It is the greatest thing to happen to my life thus far.

vintage jacket, selfmade skirt, american apparel tights, vintage shoes


only for experienced bakers

I love these cookies. The ones they have for every seasonal holiday (I can already spy St. Patrick's Day shamrocks and pastel Easter eggs coming up on the box). The colored parts in the middle (this, for example, is a delightful mush of red and pink) are noticeably sweeter and smushier than the rest. Anyways, they're so delicious.

Follow this extremely complicated recipe if you can keep up...


not in the school zone!

A cornucopia of pictures from everywhere- a second (more successful) batch of fisheye pictures developed and lots and lots of digital.

from top down: a buffalo or moose or some other piece of taxidermy, my best friend bundled up prepared for the third snow of the winter, my diligent brother looking quite Jewish, my cousin in too-small Superman pajamas, his mouth, blue plastic dolls, cigar wrappers, more funny plastic dolls, funny pillow faces, amusing chalk drawings, my cute and photogenic sister, Dublin Docta Peppa, a fallen down no texting sign, my sister's post-it-ed door, old camera, more cute and photogenic sister