being a little old woman talking about the weather again

A few days ago, it was under 90 degrees. So under 90 degrees that it was 75 degrees. The city halted for a second, wondering why they weren't sweating the second they stepped out of the house. I took full advantage and busted out tights and a cardigan. These tights have a giant run down the back of them thanks to my sister, but I don't care. I cared a lot when she returned them to me like that, but now I really don't give a hoot.

And I couldn't just leave these hanging until an outfit post. Do I need to say anything else?

cardigan from local store
secondhand dress (from cousin)
urban outfitters tights
vintage shoes



I bought my first and only Lacoste polo shirt when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old. How I scoured up enough money to buy $75 pieces of fabric stitched together by myself I may never know, but I did and I was darn tootin' proud of it. I wore it once. One single time. And I decided to wear it again the other day.

Again, sorry for the terrible posting. I'm sick right now, and I got back from a school trip in which I jumped off a telephone pole and was dropped 50 feet in a harness. I can't stop telling everyone, I was so proud of myself. For the longest time my biggest fear was overpasses. And now.. 50 FEET!

Sorry for my feet bulging out of these shoes. They don't look as grotesque as this in person. I'll show better pictures of these shoes later, I love them.

vintage jacket
lacoste polo
dad's belt
american apparel bloomers
vintage norma kamali shoes

P.S. My brain couldn't think of a title. Let's take the easy way out today.


unhealthily large portions

6:15 pm: I'm dashing to and from a family party to write this post. I will have to write in short intervals so my family doesn't suspect anything (although when they all read this, my secret will be out.)

6:27 pm: My dad is talking about how my dog killed a squirrel. For the fortieth time.

6:31 pm: The bread is being served. Don't expect me back for a while.

6:35 pm: Oh my God scratch that it's being toasted.

7:17 pm: Dinner is being eaten. Discussing the best burgers, The Cheesecake Factory, and my cousin's insatiable cravings for a guitar and a cast-iron skillet.

7:43 pm: I'm forgetting that this is an outfit post and I still have to upload pictures.

7:58 pm: I am eating Nilla wafers for dessert, adults talking about True Blood, Mad Men. IT'S ALL THEY EVER TALK ABOUT.

8:34 pm: Cracking out Apples to Apples. It's about time.

9:27 pm: Finished Apples to Apples. My grandmother's boyfriend wins on his first time playing.

9:31 pm: Everyone has left. Now let me upload my pictures!

marc by marc jacobs vest
martin+osa tank top
vintage belt
handmade skirt
american apparel lame leggings
vintage shoes

P.S. Whatever could I be referring to in my title? A certain restaurant I mention in this post? Ho hum...hmm..


really really really sorry

I really liked the days when I thought four days was a long time not to post. I haven't posted in 16 days. That's disgusting. I have no valid excuse, other than a) school starting and b) no outfits since school has started. I couldn't let myself go any longer without posting. I wore this sometime last week, and I can't lie, these were not actually the shoes I wore. They feel like I'm walking on sharp pebbles while the pebbles are pinching my toes. But I just loved the pink so much more.

american apparel dress
handmade skirt
dad's belt
urban outfitters lace tights
vintage shoes