is this even legal?

Left: Miu Miu Spring '08, Right: Topshop



letter to weather

Dear weather,
Please get cold, please.

blazer: urban renewal, vest: urban outfitters, dress: american apparel, tights: urban outfitters, socks: american apparel

I'm not usually one for all-black, but I love how it looks and can't wait to wear it when it gets colder.

dress: american apparel, belt: dad's, lame leggings (why can these never photograph?): american apparel, boots: steve madden


with a big gold buckle

I was cleaning up today and came across these boots, which could be summed up as MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD EXISTENCE. A lovely brown (probably faux) suede, decorated with a nice round gold buckle that didn't actually function. I lived in these. I recall getting so excited the day I got them that I tore out my journal and wrote an entire entry about how much I loved them. I was probably in third grade, and every single day I came to school in these- no matter if it was raining, if we had to run a combined mile in P.E., trekking along a nature walk. On every occasion these were the footwear of choice. I literally wore them to shreds (see last picture).

And it made me think. These boots were a big part of what got me into fashion. Given, I was a third grader and didn't have much fashion sense, but these were the first real piece of "fashion" that made me feel good. They seemed to hold some kind of superpower- I could put them on and I could conquer the world. It showed me the self-confidence that fashion can give you, because I can tell you, I was WORKING those faux-suede faux-buckle boots.

Did any of you have a favorite piece of clothing like this? I want to hear stories!



what do they say?

An outfit inspired by the endless French editors we've seen so much of on Jak&Jil. The boyfriend blazer, tight leather pants, lace-up oxfords, and chains à la Givenchy.


blazer, top, pants, shoes: topshop, necklace: urban outfitters


closet shopping

Don't you love when you find something you completely forgot about in the back of your closet and just see how fashionable it really is? Yes, I do too. A few days ago, I found this Marimekko top that my grandmother got me when I was a wee little one, maybe five or six. I never wore it, preferring my green overalls and velcro strap sneakers. So when I found it, I was super happy, because MAN this thing is cute. The top is too short for me to wear as a shirt, but once I cut the armholes to fit me, it looked perfect as a type of vest.

Now you can't really see it from the picture, but these are my new tights, dark gray ribbed. I had been wanting ribbed tights for a long time, and these are lovely and warm. I like how the vest looked undone, but it's a bit shapeless. I still love how it looks. The second and third include my new AA dress that I ordered a thousand years ago. Excuse the popping of the hip pose, my sister was singing and I was doing a little dance. I didn't feel like taking another picture. I basically wore this dress the rest of the night after I got it- I added my white beret and you wouldn't believe how much more enjoyable it makes French homework.

vest: marimekko, tank: martin+osa, skirt: made by me, tights: nordstrom
dress: american apparel

Let me explain this. I was astoundingly bored the other day and decided to try to recreate a Spring '09 runway look. I fail at these, I really do. I started with an Erin Fetherston outfit, hence the Erin dress underneath the many layers. I didn't have any little airy or Erin-y pieces, so it slowly morphed into a Luella, with the orange and purple pairing. I kept adding layer upon layer until I looked like a clown. And no visible runway inspiration was taken.

dress: erin fetherston, orange tanktop: jcrew, yellow shirt: theory, vest: marimekko, socks: american apparel, boots: steve madden (look how many freaking elements there are to this)

Oh yes. I liked the belt with the American Apparel dress.

The gorgeous cowl neck of the dress refused to show up in the pictures, so here's a close up.


boot lover's lament

Dear LD Tuttle Boots,
I would love to own you. Too bad you are SIX HUNDRED AND NINETY TWO DOLLARS. I will be dreaming about you tonight.



bits and bobbles

Pictures I took this past weekend while in Austin. Eh.

A classy string of fake pearls strung across a piano.

Picket fences.

Took this while in the car, I barely did any editing on it, the color was so vibrant.
I like to call this one Ladies who Lunch.
They're salt and pepper shakers...



i can tell you i wasn't roaming the streets of paris as a fabulously dressed toddler.

Yes, I know this is a filler post and I'm a lazy bum.
But a) these are too cute not to post, and b) Wow I have a lot of homework.

photos via Jak&Jil and Sartorialist

I'm so jealous.



take to it with a piece of sandpaper

Now everybody is ridiculously tired of the YSL Tribute, but this outfit is the farthest thing from boring.

Anna Ziourova in the Margiela ripped jeans and YSL Tribute heels.
I will be destroying a pair of jeans as soon as I can.


Photo via Jak&Jil


the return

Today was one of the most exciting days of my life.
I saw Ali Michael. I was feet away from Ali Michael. Yes, this Ali Michael:

Teen Vogue's Ali Michael. I kind of had a panic attack and had this giddy grin on my face for 20 minutes. Then I thought I saw Karlie Kloss from a distance (I was hopped up on model sightings, ok?) but it was a really well-dressed teenager walking around in very tall heels. I was impressed.

But anyways. (I still can't believe this. I never get this lucky.)

Finally returning into civilization! During this absence, I filled the time with some outfit photography.

These were from a couple of days ago, I used the lace tights and American Apparel socks as a base for every outfit except the first (no socks).

Guess who just discovered Picnik?

blazer: urban renewal, shirt: jcrew, shorts: uniqlo diy, tights: urban outfitters, boots: steve madden

Okay, so this is basically my favorite dress in the universe. It was my sister's when she was about 7 or 8, so that explains the extremely tiny length on me. I discovered it again a few months ago and fell immediately in love.

dress: ruby pearl from big red sun in austin, cardigan: label-less, blazer: urban renewal, tights: urban outfitters, socks: american apparel, shoes: vittadini (used to be grandmother's-she gave them to me as well as a barely worn pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats)

I bought this Juicy Couture dress during one of the Juicy phases. Didn't we all have one? It was way too big on me at the time, and still kind of is. I never wore it, and I decided to winterize/toughen it a bit so I could actually wear it.

top: wallace, dress: juicy couture, belt: dad's, tights: urban outfitters, socks: american apparel

Nothing too exciting.

shirt: american apparel, skirt: made by me, tights: urban outfitters, socks: american apparel

I haven't really worn either of my American Apparel tulip skirts, and I liked the look of it with the lace.

top: wallace, skirts: american apparel & made by me, tights: urban outfitters, socks: american apparel

From a few days ago:

I tried on the layered skirt-dress that I put in a previous post. I put it with an ancient vest I bought two summers ago, a blazer, and the lame leggings, which I didn't really like with the dress. What do you think?

vest: jesa&jonnie, blazer: urban renewal, leggings: american apparel

blazer: urban renewal, shirt: dad's, leggings: american apparel




Internet has been down for what seems like an eternity. It's not neglect.



all with a heel

Lucky girls who get to wear super-amazing shoes.

Meredith Melling Burke in Givenchy, Lanphear in Gucci, Emma Elwick in Givenchy

Charlotte Stockdale in Alaia, Marie-Amélie Sauvé in Balenciaga, Barbara Cartelo in Chanel


all photos Jak&Jil