just don't let the human factor fail to be a factor at all

Grungy old me, wearing not one, not two, but three different pieces of denim and surprisingly enjoying it. I wish I could say my eye was better and that I took these pictures today, feeling spry and nimble, but you know, I can't...because I have one working eye. What's making me feel even better? There's no cure and it could be another week before it's healed! (Did I mention I have an eye patch? The Flying Dutchman, Scurvy, and Blackjack are just a few of my pirate nicknames around my house.)

denim shirt, lux denim vest, levi's denim shorts, vintage shoes

(Tables and Chairs: Andrew Bird)

life is too long to be a whale in a cubicle

I am headless today because of a crazy little eye problem I have going on, resulting in a severe lazy eye and tearing. It wasn't my finest hour. I do really like this outfit though, which photographed really poorly. Red and white is a favorite color combination of mine, and this outfit is nothing but that. Again, I'm trying out the pants thing. It's still a work in progress. Also, I would like to celebrate the fact that this is my 300th post!

selfmade skirts-as-tops, vintage belt, gap jeans, vintage shoes

(Plasticities: Andrew Bird)


all the calcified arhythmatists were doing the math

This post has been marinating without any words on it for about 3 and a half hours, so I'm at a loss for what to write. Here are a few things that I like: amusing gifts (a remarkable specialty of my friend Natalie), nail polish- lots and lots of nail polish, all kinds of belts, cereal, red hair, yearbooks (I don't know what it is, I just really like them), sequins, meatball sandwiches, and Jim Halpert. Here are a few things that I do not like: hot dog ends, answering my phone, organized sports, retainers, mosquitoes, tennis shoes, and the fact that when I was 10 I thought it was a good idea to self-cut my bangs to half a centimeter long. (Needless to say, I looked goooood.)

jcrew shirt, dad's belt, levi's denim shorts, vintage shoes

Unrelated words for relevant pictures!

(Oh No: Andrew Bird)


midas is king and he holds me so tight and turns me to gold in the sunlight

Today, I exercised my right as a woman to wear pants, which I rarely do. Pants feel weird. It was probably the fact that the pant legs were about a foot longer than they should be and I had to hoist them up with pins before I could wear them, but they still don't feel normal. But I quite liked the look of them.

vintage shirt [sister's], vintage belt, stella mccartney pants, vintage shoes

(Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up): Florence & the Machine)


to play or frolic boisterously

I hate the word 'romp'. (I think because it reminds me of the word rump, which I dislike even more.) So the word 'romper' isn't much better. A small suit that you wear to take part in romps? I would never wear this in a romp. If I would play and frolic boisterously in this, the shorts or straps would get ripped and the included belt would surely fall off. I'd like to keep this romper out of any kind of romp. It was purchased on a spankin' sale.

anthropologie romper, vintage shoes, anthropologie hair doodad



Mosquitoes are the worst thing that has ever happened to this world. At any given moment, there are 4 or 5 swarming around me, sucking my blood and flesh (sorry I'm gross). 2 or 3 sit on my camera (?), thinking they might get some food out of that. My legs and arms are quickly becoming entirely spots and it's not the best look. Why I've spent 4 lines talking about mosquitoes? No one may ever know. I like this top. It's soft.

calypso top, vintage belt, selfmade skirt, vintage shoes


it's a wooden shack but it's mine and it's cheap

This dress fills me with delight, joy, merriment, and glee. In fact, this whole outfit does. It was bought in Austin, which is quickly becoming the original home for more than half of my current wardrobe. Anyways, I'm anticipating wearing this nearly every day. Woop de doo!

vintage dress, vintage belt, vintage shoes (.....)

(Dear Corinne: Ferraby Lionheart)


flailing to the whir of a snack machine

Why did I feel so hillbilly/cowgirl/1998 Britney Spears today? I quite love this shirt, and I decided to tie it in a manner of the ladies above for probably the first time in my life. I think I like it. As with the white blazer, it upsets me that I can't wear this fantastic shirt all summer (It's supposed to be 105 degrees on Saturday. Sweet.)

steven alan button-down, jcrew tank top, vintage belt, american apparel skirt

P.S. Title is a funny lyric from "Fitz and the Dizzyspells" by Andrew Bird.