mirror mirror

Are you in Dallas, I say? Get your lazy behind over to Parkerhawn Vintage, I swear it. These pictures were taken there (excluding the outfit) for an attempt to find a graduation dress (which was a fail, by the way. They had a fashion show and everything was taken. I'll be back soon.)

madewell cardigan, james perse tank top, anna sui skirt, marc by marc jacobs heels, jcrew socks


well doesn't time just fly

Today marks the 2nd birthday of this blog. 2 YEARS I've had this thing. Craaazy. There's not much I wanted to say, it's just nice to have these posts every time you reach a landmark, it kind of reminds you why you even started to do this in the first place. I'm sorry these last few months haven't been the greatest posting consistency ever, but I try.

P.S. Summer's almost here, so that's just a post-a-day, right? Perhaps.

Thanks to all of you!


not too flashy

vintage jacket, american apparel dress, marc by marc jacobs heels

I need new heels. These are pretty much my only ones because I was terribly frightened of them before. They are about 2 sizes too big and I clunk around in them if I don't have two pairs of thick, heavy-duty socks on with them, so...

I can blame the Stylish Wanderer for this, but good golly, I want some hats. I feel like every outfit I come up with could use one.

So to sum it up-
a. I really love this jacket
b. I want heels
c. I want hats


now thats a silly hat

shirt: wallace
skirt: forever21
belt-thing: ...a piece of velvet
shoes: vittadini
hat: unknown. it's a fuzzy orange beret.


dancing on a trash can

Taking pictures is so much more fun with a partner. My friend (she appears/is mentioned quite a bit on here- any time I mention a friend, it's her. She's the only one that cares about this kind of stuff.) was my photo assistant yesterday and helped me document both of our outfits.

I'm the one with the studded jacket as seen in my last post, she's...the other one.

jacket: vintage
shirt: unknown...white tank top
lame leggings: american apparel
boots: steve madden (they're baaaaack)

vest: tikrani
shirt: urban outfitters
belt: vintage
skirt: urban outfitters
shoes: steve madden

Have a fantastic Easter and all my Jewz, keep on truckin.