Christian...Louboutin... *drooool*

I am utterly in love with these flats from Christian Louboutin- everything of his is like a little work of art. They should make a Christian Louboutin museum with all of his marvelous creations. Thoughts on this?

Christian Louboutin Legionana Flat- $810 (ai yai yai) at bergdorfgoodman.com

I usually despise cheetah/leopard print, but adding this red trim and bow makes it less racy and more sophisticated.



The Look For Less

I decided to try my hand at 'The Look for Less'. I am usually very bad at it, but I figured it would make a good post. I took two pretty wearable outfits from the runway and re-created them after lots of searching online, for much less money than the real thing. The first outfit is from ChloƩ's Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear collection.

For the blazer, it was SO HARD to find, which was pretty weird. I mean, it's a gray blazer, how hard can it be? You have no idea. I wanted to try to get the heather gray, but I couldn't find it. I decided that I would put these two jackets from Forever 21 in here, since they were both pretty good, but I couldn't decide.

First Mate Cotton Jacket

LS Cotton Jacket

I would just remove the tie for this one.

The skirt was much easier, but requires a simple DIY, which are always fun, right? Begin with this skirt from Urban Outfitters-

Just cut and hem this skirt into a mini, then...
Lux Knit A-Line Skirt

Hot glue on these mirror strips from www.kitkraft.biz.

There's Outfit 1.

Next is this Stella McCartney number from her Fall 2007 collection.

Start with the Pointelle 3/4 Sleeve Top from Topshop-

Put the Lux Dakota Trapeze Jacket from Urban Outfitters on over that-

The last part is the California Fleece Skirt from American Apparel-

How'd you like that? It was pretty fun putting that together! I'm having lots of post ideas lately- keep on leaving those nice comments!



Ford Models/50th Post!

First off, it's my 50th post! I'm quite excited, actually. It's like a birthday. For a blog...umm...okay, well, I'm excited.

Lately, I have LOVED the Ford Model videos on YouTube. They have everything- fashion tips, workouts, and beauty regimes. They are really interesting, and take you behind the scenes of tons of things. Here are some of my favorite videos-

Here is Bre's walking tour of Harlem. Bre was great on ANTM, and here, she shows you her birthplace and lifelong home, Harlem. It's full of stories and fun, with a gorgeous model as your tour guide!

I LOVE this video. Jackie, a Ford Model, shows you some of her favorite dress shapes and styles for summer, which can be easily transitioned right into fall. It's a great video fashion blog.

This is one of my favorite sections- Changing Room Confessions. Alejandra, a Ford Model, shows you what she tries on at very cool stores. Sometimes she's thrilled, sometimes... she's not, like with this "bubble gone wrong" dress. This black trench looks fabulous on her, though!

^^ "Bubble Gone Wrong" ^^

I also really like Kim Strother's workouts- they are not too intense but still give you a really good exercise. But I do think that looking at her incredible body is bad for yours. HOW DO YOU GET A BODY LIKE THAT? Whatever. Just let Kim Strother have her perfect body and let the rest of us suffer. Fine.

The Model Beauty Tips are really cool too, the models give you their personal beauty secrets, some of which you would never even think of. Ariel's lotion-and-baby-oil moisturizer shown here is something I am going to try.

Here's a closeup on one of my favorite models, Chanel Iman. She's so funny and seems really sweet. I want to meet her!

Yara shows us her apartment- it's amazing! It can give you really great inspiration for redecorating a room. I love the Marilyn Monroe painting.

Even though this was my 50th post, I made it really, really short. I'm sorry! But check out the Ford Models channel at http://youtube.com/fordmodels to see tons more videos!



Preppy Chic

This post was inspired by the new Elle, where, as I mentioned in my last post, it has a section on the preppy trend for fall, with collegiate, schoolgirl inspired looks. Most of the stuff was adorable, so I decided to make a post on the preppy look. These pieces are classic, crisp, and clean, the preppy staples.


For the preppy look, the popular shirts are (obviously) the polo shirt and a crisp button down.

The Polo-

The Lacoste polo is a must in every preppy wardrobe. It's versatile, comes in tons of colors, and always cute. Other good polos can be bought from Abercrombie & Fitch-

The Button Down-

J. Crew makes the perfect button downs for the prep look. These are so classic and always make you look neat and put together.


From cardigans to cable knits, sweaters are a great selection.

Argyle is a signature print for preppies, and this cashmere sweater from J. Crew is perfect. Cashmere is a great material for these sweaters, very chic.

Stripes are also a classic preppy pattern. This cozy knit sweater from Abercrombie is simple and perfect for the look.

A fantastic cardigan from J. Crew, also in cashmere. Cardigans are perfect for achieving the prep style, pick one in a bright color like this orange-red.

Cable-knit is comfy and very prep-cool. This is a simple, collegiate inspired sweater from Lacoste at saks.com. Lauren Conrad was seen wearing this exact sweater with classic dark jeans.

This is another very cute argyle cardigan from Lacoste, a bit oversized to give it a slouchy feel. At saks.com

ChloƩ makes great cardigans, and this rich pumpkin colored one is no exception. This can work with anything- skirts, dresses, jeans, or pants. This can be bought at bergdorfgoodman.com

This certain argyle print is really modern and different, but the pink and green combination is pure, classic prep. Lilly Pulitzer makes this cute sweater that's perfect for layering over a simple white button down.

You wouldn't expect Urban Outfitters to make anything remotely preppy, but this slouchy sweater vest could definitely pass. Layer this over a white tee for an effortlessly cool look.


The velvet 'Bella' jacket from J. Crew has a Victorian vibe and is so pretty. Pair it with a dark pair of jeans and some cute flats.

This jacket, also from J. Crew, has perfect preppy details and embellishments.

This is a gorgeous velvet jacket from Ralph Lauren Black Label, available at saks.com. Velvet jackets and blazers are really pretty and good for dressing up.

Here is another Ralph Lauren Black Label jacket. This one perfectly combines two huge trends this fall- military and preppy. You can throw this one over a simple white tee and jeans and look so put together.


Pleated skirts, of course, are a preppy staple. Get them in chino or cotton to wear with bright polos. Khaki and white are a good choice for pleated skirts.

This skirt from Abercrombie is a classic plaid, and would look great with a simple black polo. It can easily be "winterized" with thick black tights and a light sweater.

Lilly Pulitzer makes this simple, nautical skirt at saks.com.

This very sleek skirt can be very casual or dressy depending on what you pair it with. It is from Miu Miu at net-a-porter.com

This is a classic plaid skirt with a slight bohemian edge, from Free People at urbanoutfitters.com


This J. Crew gray wool shift dress looks adorable over a bright top, like this acid yellow-green one here. Try it to punch up a colorless outfit.

Lacoste turns it's signature polo into an adorable striped dress with a contrasting collar. A polo dress is a cute choice for any day. At saks.com

This patchwork Lilly Pulitzer dress, at lillypulitzer.com, is so preppy and fun. Color is key to a cool preppy look, but don't go overboard with brights, just try one piece with tons of color, like this dress. This is perfect for a hot summer day with some strappy sandals.

Shirt dresses are huge for fall. Ralph Lauren makes a simple and classic shirt dress in blue and white stripes. At ralphlauren.com


Shorts are also popular with the prep look. Chino and cotton are great as well.

These bright green Abercrombie shorts are so cute. The color is happy and fun, perfect for any day.

Try these cherry red J. Crew shorts for another fun pop of color.

These Lacoste striped Bermudas go great with any top and can work for day or night. At saks.com

The Marc by Marc Jacobs shorts shown here are a gorgeous shade of saffron yellow, and the bow is adorable. At saks.com


The prep style with jeans is dark wash ONLY. No rips, tears, or faded jeans allowed with the preppy trend.

These Abercrombie jeans are ideal- the dark wash is classic and can go with anything.

This pair of Ralph Lauren Black Label jeans are also quite nice.


- Clean cut clothes, nothing flashy or overdone
- Chino is a trademark preppy material, in pants, skirts, or shorts [J. Crew]
- Wear patterns, i.e.
*polka dots*

*small checks, etc.*
- Bright colors like blue, sunny yellow, kelly green, and pink
- For shoes, go for ballet flats or leather flip flops

- Makeup should stay natural and clean, always fresh-faced
- If you want to try a scent, stay with a simple and light one, nothing with too many notes, like Escada's Island Kiss

- Accessories, try pearls and diamond studs, ribbons in hair or as a belt

I hope you liked this trend report, brought to you by Fashionista.



Urban Gets Ready For Fall

Urban Outfitters introduced their fall collection a few days ago and I can safely say I am in love. It's adorable. So incredibly fabulous....get ready for an avalanche of cute.

This cardigan is both slouchy and cute, and looks sooo comfy. It comes in really cute color combinations, but I love this yellow and gray one. If you have read the latest Elle, it has a whole section on the preppy trend this fall. These rugby stripes are preppy, but this shape could be transformed into preppy or not. I love this!

I love how this simple black tank dress is made totally unique with the shocking pink tights and ankle boots! I need a tank dress! They go from summer to fall so effortlessly with just a few layers.

This lavender color is so pretty, and I especially love the sweet ruffle at the bottom.

Okay, I don't really know why I like this so much, but I do. It's just really cool.

Let me just put this out there- I wouldn't wear this, but it's a KATE MOSS NECKLACE! I love it (and Kate), but wearing her on my neck would probably attract a bit too much attention.

I love this simple metallic dress. It's a good way to incorporate the metallic dress trend into your wardrobe without those incredibly flashy Alice + Olivia or Tory Burch sequin dresses.

I ADORE these purple jeans! The color is so cool.

This is the cutest swing coat I have ever seen. From the cherry red color to the round collar to the pleats, everything about it is divine. Wear this with some really skinny pants or jeans to play up this shape.

This is usually not my style, but I like this top! It's so sweet and pretty. I would pair this with skinny black Bermudas.

This fedora is a good way to go if you want to add a subtle menswear inspired touch to your outfit.

Oh my goodness. (haha...I wrote goofness first. I get amused by that kind of stuff.) How cool is this? A super long vest! I like the way the stylists put this outfit together- over the metallic dress I put before and bright tights.

This vest is lovely. Just lovely.

I need to get a good blazer. It can be dressed up or down, especially this one. It's classic, but the lining is a nice pop of originality.

This color, sweet flowers, and soft pleats make an absolutely gorgeous top that I LOVE.

A funky, hippie-ish scarf is the one item that everyone needs in their closet this season. It is fall's chunky necklace!

These are a less expensive version of the Rich & Skinny jeans that I adooooorrre with every fiber of my being...

Some good blue skinnies.

This is so cute! I love this turquoise color.

This reminds me of a Marc Jacobs bag I saw once. It's a pretty good look-alike, if you ask me.


This clutch is VERY oversized in person, and adds a glam, dramatic touch to any outfit. Try it with a classic LBD to add a twist.

How cute. That's not all. Check out the website for more.


p.s. where are the comments, guys! you commented on some last ones and then just disappeared! i love comments, so keep them coming! <3