she got sunset on her breath

Primary colors are probably my favorite kinds of colors. There's just something about them...and usually when I wear one, I tend to wear the other two at the same time. What we have here is a prime example. Frankly, it's too late for me to think of any amusing anecdotes, so I will leave you with the fact that I ate a plate of chicken enchiladas about 2 hours ago but I'm still feeling the urge to break into the box of Samoas in the kitchen (I refuse to call Girl Scout cookies by their new names, it's revolting and vulgar).

anthropologie top (mom's), american apparel belt, american apparel skirt, vintage shoes

(40 Day Dream: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros)


on the charms of our idle dreary days

So in the last two months, I...
1. saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 at last (four times)
2. performed, dressed in full Xeno Lovegood attire, with my Harry Potter coterie in front of the theater as we waited for the midnight showing
3. attended a murder mystery party where I played a Vegas lounge pianist named Paul Piano
4. watched fireworks (in the FLESH!) for New Year's...for the first time, I think.
5. drank enough sparkling cider to disintegrate my teeth
6. cut down a tree with my cousin and sister and traveled around a tiny Texas town to find ornaments and lights on Christmas Day so we could have a Christmas tree
7. had strep throat and spent two days screaming in pain and downing giant pink horse pills (which I'm still finishing)
8. bought 3 marvelous new pairs of shoes for under $30
9. became dangerously addicted to Friday Night Lights
10. despite being Jewish, wore reindeer antlers with a Santa hat about half of the month of December
11. conversed with amusing foreign relatives at Thanksgiving
12. watched reactions of my entire school as they walked past the mechanical laughing stuffed monkey that we placed outside of our advisory...some nearly fainted thinking it was an actual chinchilla or a rabbit or something (that was me)
13. became completely sick of the cold. It was nice for about a week, MAYBE.

Lately though, I've been dressing completely weather-inappropriately as per usual. I literally do not own any suitable winter clothes and I think the last time I wore an actual coat was maybe the age of eleven. I just keep layering cardigan over cardigan and hoping for the best. This outfit made me feel like a really inappropriately dressed businesswoman.

jcrew cardigan, vintage top, american apparel skirt, vintage shoes

(Mount Wroclai [Idle Days]: Beirut)