and you thought my legs couldn't get colder!

Debuting the next thing I bought in Austin, the one product of the American Apparel flea market which was a big bundle of noise, crazy, and lots and lots of mud. I've always loved these colored denim pencil skirts and now that I saw it for 85% off, it had to be done. More pictures in the snow, I could feel the confusion as people saw me in bare legs and a cardigan...in the snow.

target cardigan, martin+osa button down, vintage belt, american apparel skirt

making up words

Marvel and bask in the glory of the sequin jacket, or what I like to call the blardigan. Part blazer, part cardigan. It's got the sharp old lapel of a blazer but the comfort and slouchy sequinnity of a cardigan. I love it and its ability to completely attract the eyes of every child/baby I come across. Also, the weather decided to snow today. Stupid, it's stupid, really.

vintage blardigan, lux denim vest, martin+osa button down, ukrainian necklace, gap jeans, vintage shoes


what the french, toast?

Breakfast this morning (yesterday?...it's 2:45 in the morning, not really sure of the technicalities) and if the pictures tell you otherwise, I'll confirm that it was delectable. I was in Austin for a few days and picked up a few neat things that I'll show tomorrow/after I sleep tonight. YUM FRENCH TOAST

Also, I've had Flickr for a while but just now got it nice and set up. If you're interested- http://www.flickr.com/photos/ttcblog/


my sleeves have ruffles too

Not a hugely interesting outfit, but I liked it anyway. The pink shoes are quickly becoming the new red shoes- all I am ever wearing. They're like a new pair of shoes for me, I was scared off of them for months because of their pain factor and now I'm just sucking it up and embracing the pink.

j.crew cardigan, vintage dress, vintage belt, vintage shoes



I have an affinity for large shoulder padded, strangely colored, patterned, and/or embellished 80's jackets. I seem to have collected quite a few and I have no intention of stopping. My friends don't share my same fascination and generally laugh at me when they see each new one I find. I love this turquoise one, especially with the white jeans I finally get to wear again.

vintage blazer, martin+osa tank top, gap jeans, vintage shoes


floral formula

Flowers on the top, flowers in the middle, flowers on the bottom, flowers on the very bottom. That seems reasonable. The new Liberty of London stuff at Target has all the flowers you could possibly need, and not only on your clothes. We now have floral picture frames and two different floral platters.

click to enlarge

liberty of london for target top, vintage skirt, vintage shoes

P.S. As for the title, I just discovered that there is a 'floral formula' for every flower, representing structures of flowers with letters and numbers. Learn more if you scroll a bit down on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flower, if anyone cares. Which you probably do not.



Pi day, clearly the reason I'm celebrating. (I hate math, actually.) I feel like it turned into spring in about 5 seconds, now it's hot but pretty and there are nice little white blossoms everywhere and I'm SO glad it's not winter anymore. Gross.

wallace dress, hanes tank top, lux denim vest, american apparel belt, vintage shoes



Scheduled post, but in order to put off studying for exams last weekend, I proactively took pictures for more than one post and this is one of them. I should be studying at the time this is posted, so if I'm not, I will see this post and frown upon myself.

hanes tank top, marc by marc jacobs vest, unknown scarf, selfmade skirt, vintage shoes, vintage belt


retina searing shoes

I decided to try new things today. I never really wear jeans, so today I wore two kinds of denim. It was also the first time I had ever worn these shoes in natural light and they are ten times pinker outside, it's fluorescent and marvelous and absolutely brilliant.

lux denim vest, vintage necklace kimchi blue top, martin+osa tank top, gap jeans, vintage belt, vintage shoes