It's no surprise that our economy is in the toilet right now. I don't want to go into a political-economic tirade on this fashion blog, so we can just launch into the newest feature- The Ten. Ten items for each month, all inexpensive and able to be mixed and matched to create different looks, making you spend less money, still look good, etcetera. This was my first, obviously, and it's way harder than it looks, hence my picking of more pricey items. I'll do better next time, I promise. But hey- everything is under $100!

Number 1 doesn't follow the same pattern as the rest, but how else could I fit all of these marvelous tights on one page.

Editor's Notes:
#4: Please don't scold me for picking $80 pants. As I was looking through them, I realized how ridiculous that is. I picked the ones from Topshop purely for how they appeared on the website. There are complete replicas at Forever 21 for so much cheaper, but I didn't pick those because of the appearance on the website. You know, where it looks like there was a mannequin there before but they took it out and then it's just a floating pair of pants that looks like someone is wearing them. God, I don't know when to stop talking, do I?

$6: This is from the Play Charlotte Ronson line, which I failed to mention.

#8: Seriously, picture it with purple.