2007's Fashion/Finally 100th Post

First of all, I'm sorry. I'm horrible and late and very, very sorry. I haven't posted in forever and this post is kind of late...extremely late, considering it's March...but let's just pretend 2008 JUST came. Okay? Thanks. Love ya lots.

2007 has passed, a year full of amazing and...not so amazing fashion. Trends came and went, and 2007 will definitely be remembered for it's fashion. Here are some highlights.
It was a great year in fashion in 2007, and some of the main style icons were....


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Kate Bosworth

Kate played a HUGE role in fashion this year. She consistently looked fabulous, whether on the red carpet or her amazing street style. Kate can achieve so many different looks- elegant 40's glam like in her Prada dress at the Met's Costume Institute Gala, youthful in her green-and-blue striped Libertine dress, ethnic in her Etro dress at a Vacheron launch, or casual-chic in her yellow Gap V-neck sweater and red Bajra scarf, roaming the streets. Kate appeared on the cover of Vogue this year and looked fabulous doing it. Kate has an effortless, toned-down style that still manages to be so fashionable.

Rachel Bilson

2007 was also a great year for Rachel Bilson. She really proved herself as a fashion icon, looking amazing all the time. A moment when Rachel dazzled everyone was in her Abaete dress in the first picture. Rachel knows how to dress for her petite figure and always looks flawless.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley- they've most likely been a part of your life for a VERY long time, starting with Full House, then continuing onto be the Trenchcoat Twins. Now they are all grown up and one of the most fashionable duos around. Both of them are totally different- Ashley has a classic style with a bit of a rocker edge, but never has too much going on. Mary-Kate is the more adventurous half, never afraid to experiment with fashion. She can really pull off anything- see the hugely oversized lumberjack shirt and John Lennon-esque sunglasses.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie wins the award for most fabulous pregnancy this year. No elastic maternity jeans or sensible shoes for her, Nicole rocked sky high Louboutin Mary Janes and Pucci sundresses during her pregnancy. Kind of makes you want to be pregnant, no? ;]

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was a major style icon this year. She always looked chic and sleek, and made anything interesting, even a simple high-neck LBD. She has gone through the most amazing style transformation, in my opinion.

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere became a huge star with her hit show Heroes, and her style followed. She is one of the most sophisticated 18 year olds in Hollywood, dressing in chic black and white with an occasional pop of color. Her casual looks consist of leather jackets, boots, and fedoras, a masculine-feminine blend.

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger- the woman worshipped by all the fashion bloggers for her unique and inventive style. Diane never failed to surprise us with her style, which changes all the time. It can be elegant, like her flowing white gown, playful, with her Lanvin face t-shirt (not shown, but I'm sure you've seen it), and youthful in her bright orange Phillip Lim dress. She's such a chic woman with such a wide range of style.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff has grown up from her Lizzie McGuire days of tie-dye shirts, pink capri pants, and cutesy headbands. These days, she consistently has an amazing style- red carpet and street style alike. My favorite looks for her are her 2nd and 3rd dresses- funky but age appropriate.


It seems like right after Umbrella became a huge song, Rihanna became a huge fashion icon. Rihanna originated the trend of the asymmetrical bob, followed by most of Hollywood afterwards. She is not afraid to take risks, and is an icon to so many. She can pull off any look- I mean, did anyone see her leather-jacket-plus-leather-pants-plus-leather-boots combo? Could ANYONE else do that? I don't think so.

Keira Knightley

Keira has an elegant and feminine style on the red carpet, but has a more laidback and masculine look on the streets. I love her in the pink fairy princess look, in Rodarte and Chanel (1st and 3rd), I think it suits her. She always looks great and rarely has any slip ups in fashion.

Kate Moss

There's no fashion icon list without Kate Moss in it, and this was her year. She designed a successful line at Topshop and proved herself as a talented designer. All of Kate's clothing is amazing and covetable- you know you want all of it. Kate is a part in starting huge trends, like the masculine look (last picture), big scarves (3rd), and florals (4th). Will she ever stop being fabulous?

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny is the bad girl of fashion. Always taking risks and manages to look amazing all the time. She was named U.K. Elle's Style Advisor and is sure to do a fabulous job. Chloe also designed a line for NYC/LA store Opening Ceremony, which included clothes identical to her personal style. Her style is always quirky but so fashionable.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson was all grown-up this year, favoring Chanel and Phillip Lim dresses. She showed that her style is more than Hermione's Hogwarts robes, but feminine dresses and ruffled accents. She and costar Katie Leung proved themselves as the most fashionable witches around.

The Trends of 2007:

Leather Jackets

The leather jacket played a part in the masculine look for women. A huge trend this year (and still is) is putting a tough leather jacket with a girly, frilly dress, making a juxtaposition of two opposing styles. Hollywood ladies also threw on a leather jacket on top of their party dresses.


Metallics- maybe the biggest trend this year. In the early stages of this trend, people doubted it, commenting on it's potentially tacky style. They were WRONG. Metallics of any kind are now always chic and sophisticated. It appeared everywhere- on the runways, the red carpet, even on the street. They are versatile and can go with any skin tone.

High Waisted

This was another doubted trend. I remember hearing people say that the high-waisted trend was reminiscent of the Mom Jeans, but it is so chic right now. It is always a way to make yourself look more put together. Even a simple tank tucked into a high waisted skirt is a flawless look.

Patent Leather

Huge trend. Enormous trend. Massive trend. Patent leather was everywhere this year- boots, bags, ankle boots, even clothing. Fashionistas went wild over this shiny little wonder. This is going to be a trend that lasts for a looong time.

Statement Jewelry

The statement jewelry was a trend that I noticed popping up in a lot of places- wasn't big in the magazines, but once you look, it's everywhere. The huge jewelry on the runways made a dramatic statement that can easily be worn by real people. I especially love the Christian Dior necklace and the stack of huge Pucci bangles- really wearable.

Ankle Boots

Is it a shoe? Is it a boot? Nobody really knows, but nobody really cares, since this was the it shoe of the year. They give off a masculine feel, but in girly colors like purple, they turn feminine. They look great with tights and dresses or skirts.


Belts were a staple this year, making all outfits more ladylike and sophisticated. Belts are a great way to keep a dress from looking like a huge tent and defining your waist. They also add interest to an outfit and you can experiment with any size, color, or style.

Colored Tights

This trend, along with colored jeans below, was marked by some people as a total 80's comeback that nobody wanted again. They were proved wrong, as colored tights have become one of the coolest trends. They make you look instantly unique. I love red, purple, and navy tights the best.

High Waisted, Colored, and Wide Leg Jeans

The colored jeans, see above. High waisted jeans were a total Mom Jeans comeback for some people, some embraced it. Now celebrities and the real people are wearing them. They don't work for everyone, though, so be careful. The wide leg/trouser jeans are so chic and look polished all the time. But again, these don't work for everyone.


Gray- the chicest color of fall '07. It was a return of the ladylike look, very subtle but sophisticated. Paired with brights, like Catherine Malandrino, it looked even more fantastic. I think gray is strictly a fall/winter, though. Be more colorful and fun in the spring months! It's what we've ALL been waiting for.

Some Upcoming Spring Trends:

  • Florals
    • Definitely. Shown at Balenciaga and numerous others, florals are the next big thing for spring. If you go the traditional route or a more futuristic and bold approach, you'll look chic any way.
  • Eco-Chic
    • Green is the new black! It's been a trend for a little while, but it keeps on coming! Buying clothes made with organic silk or cotton like Loomstate at Barneys and using organic beauty products have become a hit with everyone.
  • Bright Neon Colors
    • Bring on the brights for spring. The runways were splashed with bright pops of color, just the way to bring in the new spring season.
  • Ethnic & Tribal
    • Ethnic and tribal clothes are still a big trend for spring. Balenciaga brought it at first, and now designers such as Diane von Furstenberg are following. You can incorporate it into your wardrobe with stacked beads in earthy tones, or go all out with a printed dress.
  • Gladiator Boots
    • Chanel Resort and Balenciaga (yes, again) showed them, then celebrities like Mary-Kate Olsen started wearing them all over. They have been rarely worn by real people, but props to Rachel at That's Chic for trying them!



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