keeping things weird

I feel kind of pathetic because I feel like all I talk about on this blog is the weather. It's really really hot. But it was actually even hotter in Austin, where I was last week. It was dreadful. The heat, I mean. Austin itself is terrific. Especially the greatest place on earth, Disneyland Feathers Vintage. So good. I bought three things, one of which is this red gingham romper. The others will be showcased later on...

vintage romper
fruit of the loom tank top
sister's vintage belt
vintage shoes

And some pictures from Austin..


  1. you look so cute dressed in primary colours! and haha it really sounds like everyone is sick of summer already =)

  2. lovely romper! and that belt is a cherry on top! i've only been once, but austin is a really cool city.

  3. Great purchase, it looks good on you. I like the belt too.

  4. love the outfit! The romper is soo cute! Great photos! The cupcake is so funny! The wall art of the woman and the one with all the posters are so fascinating...:)