belt talk

I got a new belt. And this one actually has a hole for me to buckle it through. No more looping and twisting my belt throughout the day, no more my-belt-is-spontaneously-falling-off, the belt situation is great right now. How are everyone else's belt situations?

[gap button-down, pitaya cardigan, vintage belt, selfmade skirt, black tights, vintage shoes]

P.S. I got a fisheye camera for Hanukkah Chanukah Hanuka Channuka Chanuka Hanukah Hannukkah Chanukka Channuka Hannuka and I just dropped my first roll of film in to develop. I can't WAIT to see/show. Anticipate it!


  1. glad you dont have to use your dad's belt anymore ! Do you think I would look that cute in one of these fun skirts ? Nini

  2. Hi, I LOVE your blog. I saw the six facts video and you're sooo funny. I don't know if you tried to be, but it was really funny. And also, you look so cute in all of your clothes. Top work with the skirt!