the last sunshine fell with romantic affection

The photo you see above is strictly for sentimental value. I am a firm believer in "flowers-should-never-be-photographed-for-human-enjoyment", but I always get really happy whenever these flowers pop up in our backyard because they made me so, so happy when I was a kid. So there's me breaking my rule.

Anyway, I like this dress. It was bought in Brooklyn at a marvelous vintage store that I don't think I ever learned the name of. I always love buying clothes when I travel, because I don't think you can ever really forget about that place when you wear whatever you bought there.

vintage dress, who knows where I bought my tights, vintage belt, vintage shoes

(title: phrases from The Great Gatsby that make me want to curl up into a ball of wonderful words and have F. Scott Fitzgerald like, read me to sleep or something.)

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