what I know

  1. Friends are difficult to acquire, good friends are even more difficult, and I have both.
  2. Being a girl is terrifying and wonderful.
  3. It is hard to find what you love.
  4. The right pen makes all the difference.
  5. You will never feel worse after exercising.
  6. Journal-keeping is the secret of the universe.
  7. Sometimes people will be more talented than you at your talent. And sometimes you'll have to keep your cockiness in check when people are less talented than you at your talent.
  8. Math never killed anybody.
  9. Bubble tea seems like a dumb thing to purchase so often, but it really isn't.
  10. Siblings should be your best friends.
  11. All-girls schooling was probably one of the best things to ever happen to me.
  12. Restaurants decorated with a blue color scheme are unappetizing. No food is blue.
  13. Getting your bra properly fitted is actually extremely important and necessary.
  14. Homeless people are so, so happy after Subway gift cards.
  15. Your favorite albums will always be your favorite albums.
  16. Nothing brings me more sadness and happiness at the same time than Harry Potter.
  17. People can change.
  18. People change.
  19. It will make people feel good if you act interested when they tell you their dream.
  20. If you get hot & sweaty enough, it just starts to feel good.
  21. There are very few places in the world where I feel 100% safe, but it feels so good when I am in them.
  22. Girls will be mean to other girls and boys will be mean to girls and all of them must be stopped.
  23. It's okay to be embarrassed of who you used to be, but that shouldn't make you edit who you are now to appease yourself in the future.
  24. Texas can feel like the kindest state in the nation, then the meanest.
  25. Hating the rich doesn't solve anything.
  26. Rich people aren't all terrible people.
  27. Teenagerhood is a weird time.
  28. Not all people are scary.
  29. Life is wonderful even though it's scary.

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