Paris- A Fashion Capitol

The title is actually quite the opposite when you are speaking of Paris Hilton, who debuted her clothing line at Kitson this week. She has some fashion sense, has a few slip-ups, but all in all she's pretty good. But this line is...just...horrible. It looks so cheap and tacky, and she has no talent as a designer. As you know, her sister Nicky also has a clothing line, Chick. It's not much better than Paris', but it's not tacky or cheap-looking. Here are some of Paris' excruciating mistakes.

Paris does the sequin/metallic trend horribly with this tank top. It is so distasteful, gaudy, and looks so cheap.

This is just nauseating. I'm sorry if I'm using the word "cheap" so much so early in the post, but it looks so. CHEAP. In the back it has this split ruffle..thing. It's just ugly and really tacky.

This isn't so bad, but I don't think anyone would wear it.

Not too vain, are we, Paris?

Yes, this says Luv Thy Self. LUV. LUV!!!! This is totally something Paris would wear.

I designed a dress like this, pink sequined stripes and white stripes. But this is different. It's just a bad imitation of the Alice + Olivia and Tory Burch dresses. She just needs to learn how to do the sequins right.

Okay, really short post. Sorry.
You can see the rest of the barf-inducing collection at kitson.com



  1. I LOVE ALL THESE OUTFITS! You did a fab job on this post, they are all to die for. I'm a big fan of alive + olivia, now if only I could afford their clothes.

  2. ew. how very excruciatingly ugly are her clothes?
    wow.. cant even say anything

  3. barf! totally tacky and cheap, and it bet its overpriced too. i think the paris tshirt is hilarious, she is so full of herself!