Rag & Bone Fall 2007 RTW

I just now started to notice Rag & Bone, after I put that jacket from them in my WWOO. When I looked at their latest runway show, I was blown away. They manage to make simple outfits incredibly cute and unique with a blend of masculine and rocker with a feminine edge. If you're looking for fantastic menswear-inspired clothes, Rag & Bone is perfect. Their show was all black, gray, and white, with touches of olive and dark green. The clothes are all incredibly wearable, too. You could walk straight off the runway onto the street. Check out some of my favorite looks from their Fall 2007 RTW collection:

I love the high waisted pleated skirt paired with the tailored blazer. This is a fresh new take on the work suit- it's so sophisticated, but still so feminine. And would you check out those FABULOUS boots?

This olive green and black dress with the belted black blazer over it looks so sharp, but has a slight slouchy edge.

I love this slouchy olive green cardigan. Belting it shows your shape and doesn't let it disguise your figure. The blouse under it is so pretty, a nice contrast to the masculinity of the cardigan and pants.

These white buttons really pop against the olive green. I adore this trench, it's modern and hip, without being too trendy.

Another really sharp and modern look. I love the slight sheen on the trench.

The grunge look is coming back in style, with tons of layering of black, gray, and white. I love all of these layers.

This is subtle menswear chic, and I love it.

I LOVE the cropped peacoat paired with the gray Bermudas and knee high boots.

The white blouse under the simple black dress is really classic. This dress looks so chic and easy to wear.

I am really into the coat-dress this fall season, the black ribbon empire waist detailing is a nice subtle touch.

This is so rocker, but wearable, too.

I adore this gray blazer with the black piping.

The leggings are gross, but the dress is so floaty and breezy, I love it.



  1. ooo i really love rag & bone, considering i'm totally obsessed w/ mensware, good picks!

  2. http://betabloggerfordummies.blogspot.com/2006/11/how-to-add-picture-to-background.html

    ^^ go to that place and read through all of it! i warn you it can take you a couple hours to get the background right, but good luck!

  3. some great looks i am so excited about fall
    i cannot wait this post excited me even more

  4. Rag and Bone is lovely. What a great post.

  5. love the masculine tailoring. i bet the models loved wearing these clothes (and probably snagged some great pieces from the show!)

  6. oh fabulous! these looks are great, i think i've found a new love for rag & bone. and if you'd like to exchange links, please email me at lamadrama@gmail.com!!