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This is my first beauty review on TTC and I have to say, I'm pretty excited. I have been buying a ridiculous amount of makeup lately, but I love all of it. These are some of my favorite recent purchases.

Benefit's Posietint

The follow-up to Benefit's Benetint, Posietint is a softer, petal-pink color that's a little different than Benetint's red color. Posietint is a lip and cheek stain that gives a perfectly natural, pinched cheek look that is wearable for every day. I love this product. It's so simple to use and I love how it works double-duty. 

Buy it: Sephora, $28

Benefit's Sketching Pencils Eyes

Say hello to my new favorite eyeliner, Sketching Pencils by Benefit. I never liked to smudge eyeliner with a Q-tip, I didn't think it got anything done. This has a built-in smudger on the end that I love. The eyeliner glides on perfectly and feels so smooth. It stays on all day and never looks overdone. 

Buy it: Sephora, $18

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer

I hate wearing foundation in the summer, especially in blazing heat. It just seems to run too much and irritates me. Instead I use tinted moisturizer. It gives the same effect as foundation but is so much more lightweight and never runs. I use the Medium shade and it blends in perfectly. This never looks cakey and just gives a very natural look. 

Buy it: kiehls.com, $24.50

Well, that was fun! This might become a regular feature! Only time will tell...


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  1. thatnks for the tips i really like benifit but lately i love physicans formula