runwaylicious edition ii

Okay. First of all, highlight of the entire episode- Tim Gunn. "Holler Atcher Boy". I died. So funny. Anyways, I loved the challenge. I always love when they give them a camera and go let them explore New York. Especially at night, I thought it was really cool. The challenge was to make an outfit for a night on the town inspired by New York at night. 


Like Stella last week, I don't see why the judges were so amazed. The top/dress was shapeless and was really nothing but a long sleeved dress in a bold fabric. Putting it over pants doesn't help. I didn't like it, maybe it's just me..


A sad downfall from last week. This looked so cheap to me, like a Southpole ad or something. The studs, the gold chain belt, they don't complement each other at all.


"Leathuh, leathuh, leathuh. I'm gonna use leathuh on awl of my gaw-ments! I'm makin' a leathuh vest an' a pay-uh of leathuh pants. I'm rawk n' roll. That's what I'm abawt." Okay. I'm being harsh. It wasn't that bad. But really, lay off on the leather. Nobody can wear leather pants.


 This was so perfectly made, it looked like it just got off a rack at Bergdorf's, not hand-sewn in 24 hours. I mean, look at that skirt. Leanne translated her inspiration perfectly through this top and skirt (NOT A DRESS! I couldn't believe it.)


I can imagine how hard it is to make a jumpsuit look flattering, but Korto did it. It was just a bit too simple for my taste, but I respect the work that went into it. It looks great. 


I love Kenley so much! All of her designs are adorable and she has a huge amount of talent. When I first saw her fabric choices, I was skeptical, but she made it look perfect! It fits like a glove and I am so excited to see what Kenley does in the future. 


I am not exactly sure what to say...


Keith had a good idea when he was putting his inspiration into a garment- use shredded fabrics to convey a worn and torn magazine laying on the streets. But as the judges said, it was all about the white fabric and the fit (or lack thereof). It completely messes up the dress. If only he had used a different color and fitted it well (or even just thrown a belt on), he might have done better. 


Much better than last week. His inspiration was a bit obvious with the lines on the bodice, but it's a pretty dress nonetheless.


My, my. Does olive green really look good on anyone? Especially a metallic. This dress confused me.. and why did he do a gown? Most nights out on the town don't involve evening dresses. 


The fit made the model look huge! The hem was messy and unfinished and the whole design was old and unflattering. 


No more Emily! I'm so sad...but I'm sorry to say she deserved to go. Listen to Tim- moral of this story. Do what Tim says. He knows what's good for you. 


I like it, but it seems so familiar. I can't place it, but it's the mixture of the black and gold and the twisted bodice. A little voice in the back of my head says Proenza Schouler, but I'll check style.com to be sure. :]


I liked this one a lot, I just wish there were no sleeves. I love the rainbow swoosh that goes down to the bottom, I thought that was really creative. Blayne had his signature thing going on here , but he toned it down a bit so it was actually wearable. 



  1. Kenley absolutely did the best piece.

  2. fashionista, question:
    i bought a pair of the kind of jeans that aren't white, but its like a really really white-ish blue. they were a good deal for the designer, so i didn't really think through how i would wear them.
    do you have any suggestions on what tops i could wear with it? thanks.

  3. Terri's was pretty bad in my view it was very shapeless and made the model look like she was in a housedress judges said nothing to her but took out Keith on his being shapeless even though I think his matched his photo pretty good like leanne did(she did a tad better). I too was skeptical about kenley's fabric but it turned out ok, should she have won, no(I am doing this from memory so I could be wrong maybe leanne won). None of the designers really amaze me yet. I normally can't wait til wensday but for some reason this season they aren't fantastic. Don't even get me started on Stella if I hear one more thing about "leathuh" I will scream

  4. is it possible to say that i can't even pick a favorite? i LOVE all of them!!!