sweet tooth

Happy late Halloween. I had a very nice one, trick-or-treating for the first time in two years...it was fun. I received much more candy than expected (see above) and had quite a wonderful time. My remarkably unglamorous costume was Joe the Plumber. We dressed up the day before Halloween because this whole weekend is the opening of our musical and my, my, we have been hectic. Daily 6 hour rehearsals seem to have paid off. But anyways.

I distracted myself from eating all of this by making a few outfits inspired by the candy.

I’m so boring, I disgust myself. I’m such a perfectionist with this kind of thing, so I didn’t want any color that wasn’t in the packaging.

jacket: unknown, found in closet from ages ago, tank top: jcrew, skirt: made by me

Ah, the dots look like Skittles, you see? This is just lots of color, etcetera.

vest: marimekko, tank top: jcrew, skirt: made by me, tights: urban outfitters

Okay, the only reason I did Whoppers was because I have a dress eerily similar to the packaging.

dress: forever 21, jacket: see above


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