unhealthily large portions

6:15 pm: I'm dashing to and from a family party to write this post. I will have to write in short intervals so my family doesn't suspect anything (although when they all read this, my secret will be out.)

6:27 pm: My dad is talking about how my dog killed a squirrel. For the fortieth time.

6:31 pm: The bread is being served. Don't expect me back for a while.

6:35 pm: Oh my God scratch that it's being toasted.

7:17 pm: Dinner is being eaten. Discussing the best burgers, The Cheesecake Factory, and my cousin's insatiable cravings for a guitar and a cast-iron skillet.

7:43 pm: I'm forgetting that this is an outfit post and I still have to upload pictures.

7:58 pm: I am eating Nilla wafers for dessert, adults talking about True Blood, Mad Men. IT'S ALL THEY EVER TALK ABOUT.

8:34 pm: Cracking out Apples to Apples. It's about time.

9:27 pm: Finished Apples to Apples. My grandmother's boyfriend wins on his first time playing.

9:31 pm: Everyone has left. Now let me upload my pictures!

marc by marc jacobs vest
martin+osa tank top
vintage belt
handmade skirt
american apparel lame leggings
vintage shoes

P.S. Whatever could I be referring to in my title? A certain restaurant I mention in this post? Ho hum...hmm..


  1. This is wonderful! I love the minute by minute narrations :)

  2. cute post, sounds like fun. your outfit is darling, i love the yellow skirt poofing out

  3. You are so caught! Using your family as fodder - that is a new low. Plus I totally enjoyed our conversations around Mad Men and True Blood. You left out the fabulous banana pudding. xoxoAuntie Em

  4. you are so caught - using family as fodder! you shoulda been photographed eating an oversized helping of the banana pudding we had. it matched your yellow poof skirt. love you. xoxo auntie em

  5. i love the skirt,especially that you made it i think thats amazing. i like those shoes too and they look good with yellow.

  6. Hello! Your mother recommended your blog to me. I love your outfit here! I especially enjoyed reading this post as well....what will happen when they find out?? Hahah ;) I really love your MJ vest! And is the M&O tank two or one?

  7. You are so cute! Such great style and a great blog!


  8. Sounds fun... And I love your blog! :)

  9. Lovely post! Dropping by. Have a nice day!

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  10. Hello, loved this post ! Really enjoyed reading it so thank you and best wishes

  11. I so very much want your entire ensemble - it's downright lovely. And the play by play of your evening is just fabulous - I have such an obsession with diary-like posts! :)