rainbow minus 5

My mood skyrocketed to complete joy when I put on this outfit. It's the colors. I love yellow, I love pink, I love more pink. I also love this shirt, which is my sister's and a beaut, if I do say so myself. Also, I'm just about to try my hand at the outfit drawing thing. I suck at art and I don't quite know how to work my scanner, so this could potentially be a bad idea. Maybe I shouldn't have shared this. Oh well.

vintage shirt, american apparel skirt, dad's belt, vintage shoes

And now, the product of two hours and a lot of glitter that did not transfer well onto the computer and now looks like sand. I tried to draw eyes and I looked like an anime character. I decided the bar would do.


  1. Bright colors make me so happy, too. <3 it

  2. I used to be a real fan of bright colours, and then I went through a phase of just wearing black. I think I must revamp back to brightness again, its so fun to play around with.


  3. that reminds me on happy sunny day! :D