legs of lace

I have nothing to write here. Nothing about this outfit (except that I've been enjoying my lace tights a lot lately) and nothing about my life or no funny stories to tell. I'm just watching a lot of Full House. Stephanie was just really adorable and said "Well, just put a rose on your nose." except with emphasis on ROSE and NOSE. She's feeling really excluded because she's the ever-ignored middle child. I'm sure later in the episode Danny and Steph will have a heart to heart with piano or harpsichord music in the background, with Danny telling her that everyone still loves her, even if she IS the middle child!

lux denim vest, gap dress, vintage belt, selfmade skirt, urban outfitters lace tights, vintage shoes

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  1. HAha, I used to watch Full House as part of the old TGIF line up.