in the evening sun

willi of california dress, vintage belt, vintage shoes

My five year blog anniversary was yesterday! Whaaat?! To celebrate, I agonized over how to edit my pictures with Picnik now defunct. Listen, I'm aware that it has a bad rap (if you care to venture into my archives from the past five years [but please don't], you can probably see some instances why) but I honestly don't really know how to edit now, so....there's that...

One thing I'm looking forward to is my seventeenth birthday in one week's time. The number seventeen has always carried some wonderful kind of air to it. First of all, I get an age with the most magically powerful number in it, something I haven't had for ten years. I'll finally able to do magic outside of Hogwarts; it's been a long time coming. And then there's just some other thing about the number seventeen: it sounds very old. Quite mature. And of course, the miles of song lyrics featuring the wonders of being seventeen.

Could never tell you what happened the day I turned seventeen: the rise of a king and the fall of a queen.
-Marina & the Diamonds, "Seventeen"

When I was seventeen, my mother said to me, "Don't stop imagining. The day you do is the day you die."
-Youth Lagoon, "17"

and my favorite of all time:
You're the prettiest, smartest captain of the team; I love you more than being seventeen. 
-The Strokes, "Evening Sun"

Perhaps they aren't all so wondrous. But I'm still excited.