the white t-shirt customization extravaganza

After seeing Camille's shredded shirt that we've all heard so much about, I had sudden inspiration to destroy white t-shirts. I bought a 4-pack of Fruit of the Loom t-shirts and got to work last night. My goals were to do the Luella splatter smiley face t-shirt from so long ago (do you remember them?), the shredded, and a slitted t-shirt, maybe drawing inspiration from the slitted leggings on Anja Rubik and Rumi...?

The result.

After an entire day of sarcastic "nice shirt"'s, "you look like the Joker"'s, and "what's with the shirt"'s regarding this FREAKING shirt, I was angry. I love this shirt so much and I really don't see how it is so offensive to them. I don't think they would have a problem with it if they saw Kate Bosworth wearing it, would they now?

I kind of feel like a bear mauled me, but I also feel very cool.

After making the first shirt, I realized how much I liked the slitted lines that I did on the back, so I did a shirt with the front and the back like it. I know this is insanely long, I'm planning on just cutting off a few levels so it's hip length. Just a side note- this is murder to get in and out of.

And here I just decided to paint.

You might notice the lack of shredded t-shirt. To put it shortly, I got frustrated. I ended up with about a 3 centimeter long piece of shredded shirt that I'm pretty sure was only due to me ripping the fabric in anger, not being adept with the seam ripper. I seriously don't know how they do it. I'll try to pick it up later. Edit: Okay, it's really not that hard. I've been working on it now. I think I was just impatient...



  1. I love the first!
    It seems the luella one!well done!

  2. regarding the shredded shirt...
    ive been working on mine today. it took me about 3 and a half hours, and i have a piece thats about two thirds of the way up the shirt and about two inches wide. but it looks wonderful(: