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Parkerhawn was closed.
But Ahab Bowen was open and we found stuff. We didn't get any good pictures of the new items, but they are sure to make an appearance in future posts.

Our Dallas excursion day didn't go exactly as planned- we got a bit sidetracked trying on funny hats and red rhinestone cat-eye glasses so therefore, didn't get enough time to go to lots of Dallas...hot spots.

Now that my eyes are readily visible to the public, it puts a lot of pressure on one to look presentable. See, before I could just slap a bar over my face while I was dreary and not-really-awake. So the pictures aren't really as clear as they could be, but you will be seeing me soon enough.

outfit on me:
urban outfitters hat, kimchi blue shirt, dad's belt, anna sui skirt, vittadini loafers

outfit on friend:
urban renewal denim shirt, gap tank top, ecote belt, tracy feith for target skirt, jessica simpson shoes

outfit on sister:
madewell top, urban outfitters skirt


  1. You all have such great hair! My hair is really curly too and I have the worst time straightening it. I'd be curious to see if you do/how you do it on a blog post maybe?

  2. Cool outfit!:)


  3. hey - what time did you swing by yesterday? we were open our normal hours 12-5pm. sorry we missed you - did you ring the doorbell?

  4. you're really cute.. love the hats!