kick back

So since the last time I posted, (quite a while, I would say) I have gained a year to my life. I'm now 14 years old and the proud owner of white jeans. Last summer my mom's sole ambition was finding me a pair, and we never did until now. I've been wearing these nonstop since. 

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thursday's outfit (with blazer):
urban renewal blazer, alternative apparel t-shirt, gap jeans

today's outfit:
martin+osa button-down, urban outfitters vest, dad's belt, gap jeans

They don't make for a particularly epic outfit, but it's nice to be simple and I absolutely adore these things. And now, as my friend pointed out, all I need is a normal blue pair of jeans, which I have yet to own. (I don't plan on it.)

P.S. Mention my blog at Parkerhawn Vintage and get $5 off your purchase! I swear they don't pay me for this. That place is just terrific.