up up and away

I'm not too crazy about today's post, daytime pictures are so much happier. These just make me depressed. But all during the day I was seeing Up (Greatest movie ever. Go to it
now.) and didn't have time to take cheerful pictures. Maybe if I'm bored and OCD enough tomorrow, I'll retake them.

Edit: I definitely was bored and OCD enough. If it's your first time at this post, there used to be dark and depressing outfit pictures in these pictures' place.

wallace dress, hanes tank top, jcrew socks, sister's vintage shoes


  1. love the socks hehe

  2. i love those shoes

    and yes UP was perfect
    i keep tell ing everyone who will listen to go watch it as i do with every good film i see

  3. Wow, those outfits are so cute! What a nice blog!

  4. OMG are those shoes Pappagallos? I used to have three pairs, one in pale yellow and white, one black patent and white, one in red and white...they were my favorites!!!