fish are friends not food

Have you ever wondered what was the most unphotographable outfit inside the blogosphere? Look no further. It's this one. I don't even know what happened today- I could not get a good picture. The ones I took in the morning when it was happy and sunny and green didn't show the outfit/I looked stupid because my sister was peering over at me through her bedroom window. So I took a break and was lazy and watched Finding Nemo. Because of the emotional rollercoaster that IS Finding Nemo (seriously, Dory and Marlin are in a whale and then orthodontically challenged niece is just shaking Nemo here and there), I look dead in the pictures at night.

I also switched shoes- you can imagine me in whichever ones you like better.

vintage floral skirt/dress, fruit of the loom tank top, bernardo sandals/sister's vintage boots

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  1. The pics with your sister peering in on you would've been quite entertaining! Well, the outfit is adorable, the hat really pulls it all together.