Betsey's Cleaned Up Her Act...

I was so surprised to see Betsey Johnson's Fall 2007 collection- it looked nothing like her normal bright colors, frills, and ruffles. It was toned down and much more mature. Although I was shocked, I still loved the collection. Here are some of my (many) favorites:

I love the sailor-nautical feel that this dress gives, with the navy and white color combination, collar, and side buttons. Paired with the white tights, it looks casual and cute.

So pretty! The soft ruffled skirt is so feminine, and the little capelet makes this look ready for nighttime.

Such a versatile shade of blue. This is such a simple dress, you can pair it with anything!

I looove this dress. The menswear-ish vest-like top with the billowy, feminine skirt is such a great juxtaposition, and the simple colors bring out the features of the dress.

I love all the volume in this dress, especially the sleeves. The color is fabulous, too.

I love the print and the length of this. Interesting neckline, too.

The shirt-dress is really hot right now, and Betsey does it great in beige and black. It kind of reminds me of vintage Chanel. This is a very elegant dress.

Ooh-so cute! I love the accordion pleats on the skirt and neckline!

I loved this collection, but I hope Betsey returns to her roots!



  1. wow! i love every single one of those dresses! especially that one with the vest= so cute! and yeah that totally doesn't look like her designs but she did add a little bit of her own original flair to them. i'm excited... great post

    p.s. you really need to read gossip girl...they are so good! (in my opinion even better than the a-list)

  2. I miss classic Betsey - it's frilly fun and she's the best at it!

  3. all so pretty the second and last are great as is the dress with the purple dot design on it....betsy makes great dresses

  4. I really like that menswearish dress. I would totally wear it. I am kind of in shock that there was hardly any pink, flowers, or ruffles.

  5. I think the same thing like you , this collection is great but I really hope she will return to her past collections and love .

  6. i love the gold and black number. gotta say though, as much as i love betsey, this new clean thing isn't the best. she should do both. l