style icons

a lot of people inspire me fashion-wise- here are some of the ones that i especially love.

Jackie Kennedy

she was the epitome of style in her day- and still is today. she was classy, stylish, and always put-together. this is my favorite picture of her. she looks so sunny and beautiful. jackie popularized so many trends and designers pull ideas from her style for their collections all the time. we miss you, jackie :*( <3 href="http://bp1.blogger.com/_loWOqepWqlY/RkO1uvxmrOI/AAAAAAAAAEU/zJs0eVrp4Og/s1600-h/293.cameron.diaz.011507.jpg">

she takes so many risks with her look- and always looks great. the first picture is the mixed-opinion gown that she wore to the golden globes this year. personally, i love it. it is chic and taking a fashion risk, and cameron obviously feels great in it. the next picture is a elegant, but sassy chanel dress that suits her perfectly. i think it looks great with her long legs.

Mischa Barton

yes, she does have some mishaps (below...), but most of the time mischa looks sophisticated and glamorous.

ok, i dont know what she was thinking on any of those, but...here are some better looks :-)

this is a gorgeous chloe dress- seen on many- gemma ward, nicky hilton and COPIED BY MARLA ON SEASON 2 OF PROJECT RUNWAY >:-(. mischa looks great in it, and the color is beautiful on her skin tone. mischa always finds good clothes to fit her tall frame.

this is simple, but chic and elegant. the tube dress is wonderful on her lanky build, and shows off her body in a good way.

of course, these aren't all of my many favorite style icons. more are:

sienna miller
emmy rossum
gwen stefani
kate moss

-fashionista <3

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  1. great post- i absolutely love mischa barton and emmy rossum! (both have great style!) and i'm also loving that chloe dress and white dress on mischa= gorgeous!!