A Completely Random Assortment of Items from Urban Outfitters

Let's begin-

Ooh- happy orange flats- so cute.

I love the ankle strap and the contrasting colors.

I LOVE THIS SKIRT- the front buttons, the fullness, everything. It looks like a modern fairy princess....

I love all the pockets, zippers, buttons and whatnot. Great length and I love the way the sleeves hug the arm. Sorry, I have quite random observations.

Such a cute summer sundress- look at the adorable pockets! The buttons and scoop neck are great, too.

Just a simple little tunic- stripes like these are always in.

This cardigan is great for lounging around and layering. Looks so comfy!

I love the ties around these- so cute!

I love all this detail in this vest, looks very military= very in this season.


Oh my gosh...so cute! These colors and all the cutouts are perfect for summer.

HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!? Ohhh....I neeeed them.

They kind of remind me of Nick's shoes for the Barbie episode in Project Runway 2. Eh??

This is a really cool shape- love the collar, neckline, and sleeves.

Colored denim in a miniskirt...so cute...

This dress is so sassy! The color and stripes are so fun. Look at the gorgeous back--


Aren't these soft colors so pretty? This dress is perfect for a summer evening party.

This print is so cute!

I love the contrasting buttons on this trench.


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