it's my party and i'll dress awesome if i want to...

for no apparent reason, i have decided to do a post on party-ish dresses, even though the "party season" is over. oh well.

i am just...dying over how incredibly adorable this marc jacobs dress is. the gray mixed in with metallic, the ruffles, and the tulle make it so over-the-top, but still wearable. i need this dress.....it's $1000. ugh. whatever, this is just the cutest. love you, marc jacobs. you make the fashion world a better place.

this missoni dress is absolutely gorgeous. i love the rich blue color, cut-out trim at the bottom, and the beautiful black and white beading. this dress is just incredible. its beauttiiiffuuullllll......

this cacharel dress is gorgeous. it is a simple dress, but the elegant cream color and drapey shape make it something great. the luxurious fabric and one-shoulder are beautiful as well. i also adore the bubble hem.



  1. hey! thanks for commenting, this is actually my first time checking out your blog, and i definitely love it :) that marc jacobs dress is fabulous, even though normally it would totally turn me off...it just somehow works

    btw looking back @ previous entries, i totally love your style icons- emmy rossum <3, well, except for one, you know that mischa is usually styled by rachel zoe right? just checking, i admit she does look pretty good sometimes, but i dunno how i feel if she's not that original herself

  2. oops totally forgot this!

    want to swap links? :)

  3. thanks! i would love to swap links.

  4. omg I'm drooling over that first marc jacobs dress....god why must you taunt me marc...why??