yes, kate moss again.

i know you've all heard of kate moss' topshop line. i was so excited for it, but i was pretty disappointed when it actually came out. there were some good pieces, but otherwise, there was not much to get excited for.

okay, not the must original thing in the world, but versatile and good for layering. >

great color, and i dig the buttons and birds. =] it would go great with above top over a fitted white tee. >

i'm not really feelin' this dress. too much stitching all over it.


i really need a good vest, this is perfect.

but i do looooovveeee this pic of kate and irina lazareanu



  1. whoa....sorry, the pictures got all messed up. can u still read it?

  2. yeah i can read it- but i agree that it wasn't too excited and ended up being way overrated but i think that there are still more pieces to come but whatever. besides those shorts and a few other pieces- it's pretty typical don't you think?

  3. yeah, nothing groundbreaking.

  4. I dunno, I think that the use of color and the plainess of the clothing might be made up for if the clothes have a great fit. The dress at least looks like it would be very flattering...By the way, I was looking at your profile and notice that you listen to Office. I only have one song by them, but I've never heard of anyone who also knew/listened to them.