Chanel Resort 2008

Chanel's 2008 Resort Collection was really great, in my opinion. I love the fact that Karl Lagerfeld used lots of color, differing from the usual collections. The fact that they had that huge Chanel jet was pretty cool, too.... These are some great outfits that caught my eye.

Okay, I can't tell if this jacket is a shade of evergreen-ish or navy. Whatever. This is a really classic combination, and I love the clutch.

I love the preppy, schoolgirl thing this look has going on. Very cute.

This is my favorite outfit out of the collection- the pink shorts and jacket are ADORABLE! Karl somehow makes pink shorts work.

I seriously think Sasha Pivovarova and Gemma Ward were separated at birth. Okay, about the outfit. I love the subtle splashes of color inside all of the military green, i.e. the blue shirt and red belt. The bangles are a nice touch as well.

Very simple, muted sweater dress. I'm really liking the sweater dress this season. This is a very chic ensemble, love the minimalist headband.

Another stylish sweater dress, love the knit and bell sleeves. But what's with the purse on the leash??

Irina rocks this outfit- the bangles are so fun!

Classic Chanel, modernized.

Simple and elegant.

Okay, I would never wear the dress AND the coat together, but I like each piece on it's own.

Now... WHAT IS THIS?!? Please explain, SOMEBODY.

Ooooh....bathtub-chic. I really want an explanation from Mr. Lagerfeld.



  1. oo simplistic but sophisticated, very chanel, except for the bathrobe thing...save that for at home karl!

    thanks for checking out my blog! and i totally get what you mean about your mom haha...

    do you want to trade links?

  2. ahhhh chanel
    is there anything better?

  3. Oh DARLING COLLECTION! Absolutely DARLING! I think I've fallen in love.

  4. The whole modern chanel thing is such a hit and miss for me!

  5. excellent post- love all of it and i'm really impressed, those clothes are absolutely ahhhmazing (but again aren't they always??)

  6. fabulous! i luv the pink shorts and jacket. and what is up with that last picture?!!!

  7. haha! a robe...? lol. so pretty much EVERYTHING in this line rocks. i want it all ! i highly doubt it fits my budget though... : )